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How do I solve my cash problems without personal bankrupcy?

So I'm single and pay child support which is the equivalent of my rent. On some weeks I have so much trouble paying everything, I don't get to eat :-( I am sick and tired of living this life and strongly considering either going bankrupt, because I'm about to get fired from my job; I got into a problem where a surprise bill passed and I didn't have any money to come to work until about noon. Naturally, my boss was angry and she's threatening to fire me.

I've been so unlucky these days, and it'snot because of mismanagement; I run a very tight budget. But I have so very little money and no fall backs that when a problem happens, it gets me down. All I want is a quiet and comfortable existence and it doesn't seem to be hapenning. The only reason I haven't considered freaking suicide yet is because I made a promise to my mother, years ago. I don't know what to do anymore, am very depressive and am seriously considering throwing everything away, getting on welfare and telling the world to go screw itself for a year. :-(

Please advise.


Smarty: I don't have a roomate, I doubt I could be the roomate kind of guy. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't have a problem with her paying half, but I don't...and I'm not an easy guy to live with lol.

Update 2:

Who cares about Pastor? He's rich anyways.

@Toke: Nice to know I'm not the only one in the boat. You actually had it harder than I do. Thing is, I make a very decent salary. But on my own, I simply don't make enough for the spending I'm doing with the bills. I don't have capable, I smoke, but am trying to quit and all the stuff I own is super freaking old, save an xbox and I buy one used game every like, YEAR....I don't really have luxuries. And I was lucky enough that my dad was a fireman, so i'm kind of used to luxuries. But this whole not eating thing is getting rather old....I'll have to live through that again for the next 3-4 days until my pay on wednesday and it really makes me mad.

Update 3:

Passion pretyt much left my life. Used to be passionate about bodybuilding, about electronics and videogames, about computer sciences and writing.

Now though, with all the crap, I barely do anything with my skin anymore except read and talk with personal loan guys :-( eventually i'll wake up one morning with broken legs, although I almost paid them all back.

When my oldest reaches 18 I'll be able to live a little, but it's still 8 freaking years away :-(

Update 4:

I tried so many things. I don't really have the time for a second job as the one I have is pretty demanding, plus I don't have the energy left. Trust me I tried and it cost me my previous job. When you think child support is more expensive per month than my 545 dollar rent (which is basically a freaking shack with the paint coming off) it makes me mad.

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    File for bankruptcy chapter 7, I did it back in 2008. I felt free. I was laid off from the San Diego city school (teacher lay offs) so I filed and got rid of all that baggage. If you have any questions about it, let me know. It's ok, give yourself a break and file. There's no harm in doing so. It is relieving!

    You should be your own boss by starting a business. What are you passionate about? Electronics? Building cars? Electric bikes? Maybe you can turn it into a business. Webpage making? What do you like to do? Turn it around and make it work for you!

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    Maybe it's time to look for a new job that pays better and/or gives you more hours, or maybe even take on a second part-time job or some side-jobs: tutor, baby-sit, pet-sit, house-sit, walk dogs, mow lawns, weed gardens, shovel snow, clean pools, clean houses, run errands for people, or take a skill you have and find a way to make money off of it.

    If you can get some more money in your pocket, declaring bankruptcy won't be an option anymore; is there no way you can beg the courts to decrease the payments? Can you move back home to save some money on rent?

    Even if you're not the room-mate type of guy, you quite frankly might not have a choice; money is money, it depends how desperate you're feeling. If you're feeling bankrupt-desperate, then you should be leaping at any chance to save money or not spend as much.

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    Below is some information that can help you free up some more money each month. I know guys who are working two plus jobs just to pay child support in really sucks because the pay is so low here. You say you live on a tight you have a roommate? Sometimes this can help rent and other household expenses. Good luck and I hope things get better for you soon. Hang in there.

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    welfare is a harder rut to get out of than you think my friend.

    I have been homeless, on multiple occasions, including with my son in tow. We have eaten at missions & shelters, we lived out of a van. He became aware of the fact his mother can steal, much to my shame....

    I tell you this because I want you to know that you are not alone in the crappy boat. On the upside, it will be 6 years on Oct 31 I've been in my house.

    Yes, things have gotten crappy from time to time, utilities cut off, eviction notices from the landlord, but we muddle through.

    Find out if the child support can be amended. Maybe try to find a second job.

    You can't check out just because of your mother, you are a father, the kids need you.

    You are depressed & being broke is sickening all the time....look into ways to increase your income.

    assuming local or QPP aren't employing the helicopters like they do in WPG to find grow ops, you could always take up weed farming (JK)

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    I feel for you. You are right, suicide is never the answer. For fast relief talk to your pastor. They can help with money for bills and get you setup with a food bank. You have to eat. What are the chances of getting a better paying job or a second job?

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