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Is threatening another country with military force illegal according to UN charter?

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    Having served with the U.N. in South Lebanon, I will be the first to admit its not a perfect organisation,

    but we would be far worse off without it.


    It has saved peoples lives, it has put food on the table, it has housed those in need of shelter,

    it has provided medical help where needed, it has supplied schools.

    It takes care of many humanitarian problems on the planet.

    Pity its ran by a bunch of people who push their countries foreign policy agenda first and foremost.

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  • 7 years ago


    Even without UN approval,

    You're allowed to defend yourself and allowed to protect people from their genocide under UN 'rules'.

    The latter was the rationale for NATOs actions in Bosnia, and (sadly) the actions in Iraq.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Love how you (and most other d*umb *** people) seen the think the UN actually means something.

    Like there is some "UN Police Department" that will swoop in and arrest transgressors...LMFAO

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