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What is Canada's involvment in the United Nation of the course of History?

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    - In the initial set-up of the UN, McGill University law professor John Peters Humphrey established the Division for Human Rights in the UN Secretariat, and remained in charge of the division for twenty years. The initial work of the Division for Human Rights was the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Humphrey created the first draft and remained a champion of until its adoption by approval of the UN General Assembly in 1948

    - Secretary of State for External Affairs Lester B. Pearson, while he was President of the UN General Assembly in 1957, proposed the concept of UN peacekeeping forces as a means of dealing with the aftermath of the Suez Crisis. He was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and the establishment of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF). Canada has played a leading role in the UN-led peacekeeping operations ever since it was created in 1945.

    - Canada has been a member of the United Nations Organization since the body's creation

    - Canada has served for 12 years on the UN Security Council, ranking in the top ten for non-permanent members

    - Canada has contributed to more peacekeeping operations than any other member state

    - Canada has been an elected member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, since this was founded in 2006.


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    Canada was there at the very beginning, and, it was a Canadian, Lester B. Person (later a Canadian Prime Minister) who basically invented UN peacekeeping, for which he won the Nobel Peace prize. Canada participated in every single UN peacekeeping mission for a very long time. I am not sure if that record is still unbroken, but, if it is, it would be only very recently.

    Canada also pays the fees to belong to the UN regularly. Unlike our American cousins!

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