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Why do people cling to the Melo doesn't play defense spiel?

Carmelo's defense has always been measured in effort as opposed to ability. When Melo wants to he possesses the necessary tools of being an effective defender. Not the greatest on defense and that's okay but an effective one which is more than all right. He's super strong and has, has good height, and has a lot of lateral quickness. But that's just it in the past the effort wasn't always there.

Since Woodson took over as head coach there's no denying Melo has been a more committed defender. Especially, last season as Melo's defense was actually good especially man 2 man defense on the wings and in the low-block. Help defense he can struggle with especially on the low-block where he is pitted against large massed presence in David West, etc.

If you look @ last year's playoffs Melo did put up the effort defensively. He shutdown Jeff Green in a ton of 2nd halves in the Boston series. And Jeff Green and Brandon Bass were the only ones in that series for Boston worth a damn. KG was hit or miss, Pierce sucked, and Bradley/Terry were terrible for the most part. Against Indiana Melo forced West in Hibbert to a lot of big turnovers down the stretch of games that NY unfortunately couldn't take advantage of. Melo also coaxed Paul George into a lot of bad shots. George had a terrible offensive series against NY and he had trouble taking care of the ball in the series as well and Melo played into that some.


"An Internet Troll" if you saw the playoffs you would see Melo made big time defensive plays. Like hold Green to goose-eggs down the stretch of games or make West/Hibbert and George cough the ball up. When Melo defended George it added to his struggles too as he forced him to clank a ton of shots. What was it for George 19.5 PPG on 38% FG, 26% 3pt, and like 68% FT. Not to mention 4.5 TO averaged that series for him. NY defense was more than fine in the playoffs and season it was its offense that failed them and the fact Smith and Kidd 2 of their better shooters couldn't make a shot if the basket was the ocean.

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