Is this a defining moment (for an essay)?

-When my friend's mom was racist towards me at a young age and that was when I noticed that

-Describing the relationship I had at a young age with my father, how and who he is

-Teaching my little sister to ride a bike

Are these defining moments? If so how? I'd like to do the first one, not the second, and least the last but please tell which one you think would be best and why. Best answer 10 points! (Any other ideas welcome, I'm desperate)

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  • Mike
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    7 years ago
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    1. could be

    2. isn't a moment

    3. could be

    The important thing is that you make supporting statements of why it was a defining moment.

    Teaching my little sister to ride a bike lead me to the discovery of what it means to be an older brother. That moment of joy, the elation I felt, from being able to share something special with my sister... etc,

    It is less about the what... and more about the why.

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