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Whats wrong with me..?

In the past two weeks er so, I've been getting random bruises.. I have one on my arm and a huge one on my leg thats been there for like a week.. An three others on the other leg.. I havent done anything to cause them though. I've been getting more tired and my stomaches been hurting soo badly.. Not like peirod cramps but like wanting to throw up hurting.. I looked te symptoms up on google and some of them said leukemia.. Idont think i have it but what could it be ? Or am i just going crazy. ;p

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    If they are ragged-edged: go to a doctor. If they are shaped: does sleepwalking run in your family? Are you clumsy? Have you started a new job or sport? You are female, likely still in high school. I doubt you have leukemia. That's just a catch-all disease.

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