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What to Wear With This...HELP?!?

I have semi formal coming up soon and I found my dress (YAY!!). It's pale blue with black silk on the collar and an uneven cut on the bottom. It's also kinda flowy and has a thin black belt. It goes a little past the knee (Ill post a link below). So i'm not a very fashionable person, and I need some help. What kind of jewelry (colour, length, etc.) do I wear with it and what kind of shoes? and hairstyle as well? Include pics if you can please :) Thanks in advance!


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    any black or nude pumps would easily go with this, the simpler the better. don't wear any that's lacey or suede though, just plain real/faux leather is fine.

    hairstyle, you can never go wrong with just curling your hair. you might get sweaty from the dancing though so if you're gonna do an updo, don't overdo it. just a just a messy bun with a nice bump in the front would be perfect:

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    Wow, that's a pretty dress! You could wear a pair of elegant dangly earrings, preferably silver as they would look best with that color. Wear a simple bracelet, a gold or silver one, which ever looks best and for hair, i really think some elegant waves/ curls would look nice or maybe even an up-do if you could pull it off ;)

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    its a beautiful dress! u dont need that much jewlery with it, NO necklace though,maybe a plain choker, and some cool bangles and bracellets, and shoes of you choice, something comfy, or something with lace to match your dress maybe, and if your hair is long enough, curls swept to the side, or a cool bun

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    Honestly, the "complete the look" options on the side of the site look pretty good!

    I wouldn't wear a jacket with it, though.

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