Is Quebec the new Alabama in North America?

In the wake of the protests against the Quebec charter, there was an incident of bigotry in St. Foy near Quebec City where a Muslim woman was told to change her religion by a stupid white racist Quebecer. The situation turned ugly when a teenage boy spat on the Muslim woman. I will tell you as a protestant black Christian Canadian that this is bigotry!

I know of other incidents of Muslims in the province of Quebec who were ill treated by trashy white Quebecers.

When I think of these incidents, I think of what happened to African-Americans in Alabama in the 1950's and 1960's. Lynchings by the KKK and the Birmingham church bombing that killed 4 little black girls. A lot of white Quebecers are becoming Canada's Bull Connors. So has Quebec become the Alabama of Canada or North America?

Even Muslim and Indian immigrants work harder than a lot of white Francophone Qubecers who are on welfare.

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are bigots everywhere and they are brought out by stupid governments trying to pass stupid laws. I have no doubt that Quebecers won't let this law pass and it will serve to drastically reduce separatist parties.

    Quebec is nothing like Alabama. There have been insults and the perpetraters were arrested. In Alabama in the 50's they wouldn't have been. There have been no murders unlike Alabama. You can't blame the actions of a couple of idiots on the whole province. The 30,000 protesters many of them white Quebecers that met in Montreal the other day prove that this is an unjust law.

    Quebec's insanity will soon be over and the bigots will crawl back into the woodwork.

  • 7 years ago

    I'm not sure how one person being an idiot translates to an entire Province full of bigots.

    Have you not heard the news?

    "Thousands of people gathered in Montreal to speak out against Quebec’s proposed charter of values, which has sparked a heated debate across the country..."

    Did thousands of people united march in Alabama to protest the KKK?

    Many lynchings going on in Montreal is there?

    I must have missed those news bites.

    "Is Quebec the new Alabama in North America?"


    Plus they are spelled and located differently.

  • Randy
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    7 years ago

    Ignorant statements like that get made every day in every area of the world. Quebec is no different. Other then that I'm not going to bother getting drawn into your accusations. They are unsubstanciated and not worthy of comment.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your rant starts off sounding like a concerned citizen upset at racism and turns into an ill informed bigot showing his ignorance. There are ignorant uneducated people everywhere and bigotry and religion go hand in hand. We have patronized religious delusions long enough and it's about time our modern world stood up to this religious nonsense.

    If your religion tells you to wear a stupid looking pointy hat and carry chain saw between your legs fine but do so in your own home or church and not at a government job.

    If these new laws were aimed at stupid looking garb that any group but religious groups I doubt you would be so concerned but add a religious element to it and your now upset. Tough I would like to see these laws enacted through out Canada and not just for government workers but everywhere in public as well.

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