D3 legendaries and difficulty settings? Ps3?

Playing d3 for ps3 and I just got to inferno. Lvl 2 paragon monk. I was wondering about mp and stuff. So there is "normal" "nightmare" "hell" and "inferno". Then there is "easy" "normal" "hard" "master" etc... And now I'm learning about monster power "mp". I just want to start getting lvl 63 items. Which of these effects drops? The inferno setting, the "hard"/"master" setting or the "MP"? Can someone explain all this to me please? I'm curently farming in the vault of the assassin on inferno normal. I do 65k damage 5.6k armor 70k hp 3k dex. I just want to get good lvl 63 legendaries.

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  • Jack
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    6 years ago
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    Without legendary equipment and atleast around 100k damage you wont last minutes against elites in inferno advice is coming from someone who has paragon lvl 82 monk with around 130k damage. Also Inferno has a flat reduction of many useful things which you were using earlier like life leach and other stuff and they are reduced to 20% effectiveness means if in previous difi you were leaching 100 life then in inferno you would be leaching 20 life only with the same equiptment in this ddifi one stat is very good to have which is life on hit and you should raise it to around 1k per hit and you will survive otherwise good luck dude. mp 1 and 2 do not give good items but mp3 where it all begun you will be in burning hell as soon as you face an elite and normal will become hard as well. raise your resist all use LOH, and raise your crit ratio and crit damage increse value. and with monk get the stat based damage rather than crit based damage if you mange to get the dex high you will be dodge 50 percent time other wise low dex and high damage will make you take more damage

  • 6 years ago

    Higher monster power gives magic find bonuses but doesn't actually give better drops as far as I know. Getting high level items would require playing on Inferno.

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