Swarm of little insects on top of my balcony?

There's been these little swarm of insects on the roof of my apartment balcony since like two days ago. They just cling there and don't do anything, but if I open the door, they all fly about. My balcony is honestly spotless, I hardly go out there unless it's to have a smoke. I've never had any food or whatsoever out. My neighbours have them too, but I've been getting them worse. What's the cause of it, and will they go away in time? Or should I talk to my super.


I live on the 15th floor by the way

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  • 7 years ago
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    Some insects look for a place to sit in and rest before they fly to where they are headed..

    Source(s): Once a year thousands of black birds fly here and sit in the trees all around us and rest and then they fly on south.
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