Whats the theme of coup grace?

Coup de grace By A.D

Just at the moment the wolf,

Shag jaws and slavering grin

Steps from the property wood,

Oh, what a gorge, what a gulf

Opens to gobble her in.

Little Red Riding Hood!

O, what a face full of fangs!

Eyes like saucers at least

Roll on seduce and beguile.

Miss, with her dimples and bangs,

Thinks him a handsome beast;

Flashes the Riding hood smile;

Stands her ground like a queen,

Velvet red of the rose

Framing each little milk tooth

Pink tongue peeping between.

Then, wider than anyone knows,

Opens her minikin mouth

Swallows up Wolf in a trice;

Tail going down gives a flick,

Caught as she closes her jaws.

Bows, all sugar and spice.

O, what a ladylike trick!

O, what a round pf applause!

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  • Mercy
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    7 years ago
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    A woman does not have to be a victim .

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