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How to sharpen a pocket knife?

Tomorrow I'm going to go camping with a boy scout troop and I need my knife to be sharp and I don't have time to buy things ......would a rock work?

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    Knives are sharpened with "stone" all the time but those are special sharpening stones. Rather than using a "rock" that you pick up from the driveway here are some ideas:

    1) Check your kitchen. If there's a wooden block with knives, there will be a knife sharpener (ask your neighbors if you don't have one).

    2) Grinding stones can sharpen knives too. This would be in the garage on a grinding wheel. You'd need a fine stone and I wouldn't turn on the grinder, just move the knife along the wheel.

    3) A fine metal file from a tool box will work as will a chain saw sharpener.

    But honestly... call your scout leader and tell them that you don't have anything to sharpen your knife. He/She will be more than happy to bring a sharpening stone and show you how to use it.

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    Check youtube, there are many knife sharpening videos using all kinds of materials.

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