I am a PCP Paramedic moving to alberta can I up grade to a EMT-paramedic without doing the program all over?

So I'm becoming a Primary Care Paramedic, in BC. I am planning on moving to Calgary Alberta after im done my schooling. I just found out that my Primary Care Paramedic is only for BC? can I upgrade it to Emergency Medical Technology – Paramedic. with out having to do all that schooling all over again?? help

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    7 years ago
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    Once you have your PCP license from EMALB, you can apply for licensure in any other Canadian province. Alberta kind of marches to the beat of their own drummer in that they don't use the PCP, ACP titles like the rest of Canada. Their titles are more along the lines of the American system (insert Alberta joke here). Their titles are Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Technologist-Paramedic. As a PCP, the equivalent license in Alberta is EMT (sometimes called EMT-Ambulance). EMT-P is the ACP/ALS license. So no, your British Columbia PCP license will not get you an EMT-P license in Alberta. You can apply for an EMT-Restricted license. To have your restrictions removed, you'll have to take a few courses in Alberta on ECGs, med admin, and Atrovent.


    If you're interested in pursuing the EMT-P program in Alberta, you'll need an EMT-A license (having restrictions in ok).

    Source(s): Licensed PCP-IV in BC and EMT-A in Alberta
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    Emt P Alberta

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