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Why do people criticize Andrea Bargnani while in the meantime hail Danilo Gallinari?

Basically, they're practically the same kind of player. Could it be because Bargnani is a current Knick while Gallo is no longer associated with the franchise given that for unbeknownst reasons people that aren't Knicks fans don't like the Knicks.

Gallo is a 6"10 SF that plays like a SG. Andrea Bargnani is a 7fter @ PF/C that plays like a SF. I still like the Rooster even though he no longer is with us and I think he's the best player on the Nuggets. But, like Bargnani Gallo shouldn't be relied on to be the face of the franchise.

1. Both are injury prone --- Bargs has had elbow problems in recent years, Gallo came to the league as a 19 yr old with back problems and now he is recuperating from an ACL tear.

2. They both like to shoot --- Gallo is very skilled at getting to the rim and the line too though. He may be better at that than actual shooting and not the 'best shooter Mike D has ever seen' like he said. Bargnani can put the ball on the floor as a 7ft and has a good face-up game inside but not as good as Gallo's. Bargs is a better shooter.

3. Rebounding/Defense/Passing: They both average less rebounds that their size should state. Gallo is a career 4.7 RPG guy while Bargnani stands at 4.8 RPG. Both are not known for their defense. But, Gallo is actually solid in the low-block and post defense while struggling at perimeter. Bargs is the opposite in that he's a solid man to man defender on the perimeter and struggles defending the post. Passing-wise Gallo is pretty skilled as well and Bargs doesn't average many assists but is a good ball-handler at his size and could pass some.

Bargnani is a better scorer. His 2 best scoring seasons as face of the franchise are 21.4 and 19.5 PPG. When he was Bosh's sidekick his best scoring seasons were 17.2 and 15.4 PPG. The most points he ever scored in a game is 41 and his career PPG average in total is 15.2 PPG on 43.7 FG%, 36.1 3pt%, and 82.5 FT%. Gallo's best offensive seasons are 16.2 and 16 PPG. The most he's ever averaged as a sidekick of Lee and Amar'e in NY are 15.1 and 14.7 PPG. The most points he's scored in a game is 38. Gallo currently averages 14.5 PPG on 41.9 FG%, 36.9 3pt%, 84.4 FT% for his career.

- They can both be either really inconsistent on offense or completely on fire as one tough cover to defend against. Gallo's personality is more fiery as he plays with more of a chip on his shoulder and takes things personal. Bargs is way more low-key and soft-spoken. That's a difference in personality.


Yep I understand that 1st rd pick aspect but if that draft gets done again in hindsight Bargs could go #1 again. In other drafts he could be a lottery pick. Gallo was drafted very high as well as a 6th pick lotto selection. If that draft gets done again its a toss-up if I'd select him over the likes of Roy Hibbert, Serge Ibaka,Nikola Pekovic and Brook Lopez again.

Update 2:

Neither is Brook Lopez and he's a daily C while Bargnani is a dual PF/C

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    There is an ocean of difference in talent between these two players, my friend. Oh, where to begin. Let's start with PER.

    The average NBA player has a player efficiency rating of 15. Bargnani has a PER of 11.37, which is worse than most bench players. Gallinari has a PER of 16.73 which is above average (even for a starter).

    Next, let's look at shooting, since you mentioned that both players are shooting specialists. A better measure of a player's scoring potential is a player's True Shooting percentage because it takes into consideration a player's FT% and weighs a 3pointer more heavily than a 2pointer. (since it's worth more points and is harder to make) Also, for simplicity sake, let's not go into career stats, because both players suffered drops in shooting due to injury. In fact, while Gallinari's stats have been pretty consistent barring injury, Bargnani's only success came from his early seasons. In recent years he's been consistently terrible and will probably get even worse. But I digress, let's just focus on last season since the present is the only thing that matters anyways. Last season, Gallinari's FG% was 41.8. Bargnani's FG% was 39.9%. Ok, so Bargnani was worse, but not by much right? And you should probably take into account that he shot 3.5 threes per game last season which contributed to his low FG%. Sure. Only, Gallinari shot 4.6 threes last season at 37.3% per clip (compared to Bargnani's 30.9%). So what does that amount to? Barnani's TS% last season was 0.482, again below average. Gallinari? A whopping 56.1%, which puts him ahead of even Carmelo Anthony LAST SEASON (arguably the best season of his career where he led the league in points).

    Next, let's look at rebound rate, which tells us the percentage of rebounds a player gets when the ball falls within their general vicinity. An important stat for a PF/C wouldn't you say? Bargnani's rebound rate last season was 7.6, which is slightly above average... for a POINT GUARD. That should open some eyes. To put that in perspective, Patrick Beverley, you know - the 6'1" 185 lb. backup PG for Houston, has a rebound rate of 8.7. Even JJ Barea has a rebound rate of 6.9. Of all Centers and Power Forwards (including bench players and maybe even within the D-League), Bargnani ranks dead last. The second worse is the 6'8" Boris Diaw, who plays next to a rebound-gobbling Tim Duncan, and his rebound rate is 8.6. The third worst? Sophomore (I think) Meyers Leonard with a rebound rate of 12.3, which is almost twice Bargnani's rebound rate and still considered horrible for a center. Most centers have a rebound rate close to 3 times as much as Bargnani. Meaning not only is Bargnani not getting any rebounds, he's taking up minutes (close to 30 minutes a game) from even below average Centers who rebounds at least twice as well as he does. Gallinari's not a great rebounder either. But obviously Gallinari's rebound rate is higher. In fact only 10 Small Forwads have a lower rebound rate than Bargnani. So Bargnani doesn't just play like a SF, he plays much worse than the average SF at things a PF/C should be doing. Because at least Gallinari doesn't take minutes away from guys who can actually rebound. Bargnani does.

    Lastly, lets look at one of the most indicative advanced statistic in basketball - the Estimated Wins Added. Gallinari has a EWA of 7.2, which sounds small but is 13th best amongst Small Fowards. (and the league is full of great small forwards, as you know) The league is not filled with great Centers, so where does Bargnani rank? Let's just say Bargnani belongs to a very exclusive club - of players who actualy have a negative EWA (-0.1 to be exact), which is 6th worst amongst Centers. The only center who played more than 20 minutes a game and had a lower EWA was Kendrick Perkins.


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    A. People have hated bargnani his whole career, not just since he came to the knicks.

    B. One major injury doesn't make you injury prone. Everybody is going to have an injury at some point in their careers. Bargnani however has had numerous injuries throughout his career.

    C. yes, they both like to shoot. Difference is, Gallo's actually pretty decent at it. Bargnani is a 3 point specialist that doesn't make threes. He hasn't shot well from three or from the field since 09-10 season

    D.Yes, they both rebound poorly for their size. However, Gallo's rebound aren't too low for his position, where as Bargnani' rebounding is horrific for a PF. And if you actually think Bargnani is a good man-to-man defender, you must be high

    All in all, Gallo's already a better player than Bargnani ever was, and he has plenty of room to improve, where as Bargnani already peaked.

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    DIfference is Barg plays C a position where your expected to rebound and defend, but I do see your point, also Barg came in as a number 1 pick so there were expectations, Also 16 ppg on a good team is better than 19 on a terrible team

    but I will say barg is a good pickup for NYK

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    You make some good points, but I still think Gallo is clearly the better player. Better defender, slightly better passer and rebounder, and watching Denver and watching Toronto, he just see Gallo make more good plays, less bad plays, than Bargnani.

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    That's the curse of the number 1 draft pick, you're put on a different pedestal than everyone else including the 2nd pick. It's one thing if you keep your head up high and keep working on your game. Bargs stopped caring, no fan in the world is going to stand for that.

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    I think you said it yourself... Bargnani is a C/PF who plays like a SF. That's not what you want out of a 7 ft'er.

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    because bargnani is not that good rebounder for a center

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