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why people says jews had no country? isnt their country israel?

did us give jews israel or was it always their country?

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    To say the us gave the Jews Israel is a gross oversimplification.

    First off, know that Israel is the historic, ancestral, cultural, and religious homeland of the Jewish people. The Israelites, likely a sub tribe of Canaanites, who are the predecessors of modern Jews, originated in the land of Israel and 2500+ years ago had sovreignty over the land- the had the kingdom of Israel which later split into the kingdom of Israel and kingdom of Judah (the word Jew derives from the hebrew word "y'hudi" meaning "from Judah."

    So Jews have lived in Israel continuously since ancient times, but migrations and two major exiles (the Babylonian exile in 586 CE and the roman exile in 70 CE) dispersed Jews around the globe, with most exiled Jews going to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

    So Jews eventually became a small minority in their own land, which came to be ruled by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Jews again (hence the story of Hanukkah), Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, European Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottoman Turks, the British, and then the Jews again (state of Israel).

    The Arab invasion of Israel in the 7th century forced many Jews to adopt Arabic culture and Islam, and thus many Palestinians have mixed Jewish and Arab ancestry. Arabs- who really were of mixed Canaanite/Jewish and Arab ancestry- became the majority while Palestinian Christians, Druze, and Jews were all minorities for hundreds of years.

    The Arabs ruled Israel for a very long time, but not as an indpedent Palestinian country. Rather, Israel was part of the Arab Muslim caliphate which encompassed all of the Middle East and beyond.

    Then the ottoman Turks took the land over and ruled it for hundreds of years, than after WWI the British took over, and in 1948 most of the land went to the Jews (although Arabs were supposed to get half), and Jews from all over the world (mainly Europe and Arab countries) returned to Israel after thousands of years in exile.

    So the Jews did own Israel at one point, but thousands of years ago. It was always their native land. But not always the country they ruled. Most of the time, as previously stated, Jews were a minority.

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    Jews lived in a little over two thousand years ago in a land were is now located the State of Israel which at the time was called "Canaan". Most Jews were deported and scattered around the world over the years without the possibility of return, mainly due to foreign rulers who ruled the area. At the beginning of the 19th century with the establishment of the Zionist Jews began to return to Israel and to purchase a land and build settlements.

    On November 2, 1917 Lord Arthur James Balfour signed a declaration that Britain would support the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Israel. Giving statement was unprecedented political achievement of the Zionist movement: a global power like the United Kingdom agreed to actually quit the auspices of the Zionist movement and help realize the main purpose. Britain could sign this declaration because they were the government of Israel at the time.

    On May 14, 1948 was proclaimed the State of Israel as a Jewish state and it was the last day the British Mandate government in Israel.

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    Jews settled the area now called Israel in the second millenium B. C., established a kingdom there, and continued to live there (with several upheavals) until the late first century A. D. After that, they were scattered over most of the world but were continually persecuted for being different from the peoples among whom they lived. After World War II, the U. N. authorized the establishment of the modern state of Israel in part of what was then Palestine, which had been under the control of various empires in the intervening centuries. For the first time in nearly 1900 years, Jews had a country of their own, where it had first been in Biblical times.

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    "Jews" consist of Ashkenazim and Sephardi Jews. Ashkenazim Jews have European and Slavic heritage and amount 98% of all Jews. Those were the Khazars from the region of Georgia and Turkey who converted to Jewry and later emigrated to Western Europe. Sephardi Jews were expelled from Canaan by the Egyptians some 5000 years ago like the Celts were expelled from Northern Europe by the Goths or the Germans by the Slavic Huns (2000 years ago) from what today is the Baltic region. That does not give the Scots or the Bretons the right to invade Sweden and Norway or the Germans to invade the European part of Russia.

    In addition: The "right of return" is old religious law. The world does not work on religious laws anymore unless we accept Islamic fundamentalism.

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    Jews never had a country, just an area in which a large amount of the population was Jewish but after WW2 people felt sorry for them and they were given Israel causing many conflicts in the Middle East.

    Mongolians have more of a claim to the whole of Asia and Eastern Europe than the Jews do to Israel.

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    It wasn't a country until 1948 when it was established by the UN.

    The US didn't give it to them.

    It has always been a land of Jews, but always run by others over the centuries


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    The Romans stole Palestine from the Jews.

    They managed to return and try to form a country there about 1947.

    The UN allowed them to try.

    The Arabs living in the area objected.

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    Between the Roman putting down of the rebellion of 70AD, until 1947, the Jews had no country. Israel was created just after WWII.

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    Israel and the United States are both Jewish countries

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    I saw a documentary, i think it was on netflix or on tv. When hitler started killing the jews, the jews left germany and some of them went to palestine. When there was so many jews in palestine bc of hitlers extermination. the palstine gave them a small portion of land. Then the jews gathered an army and invade palestine and trying to steal their land. In 1948, the country was change from Palestine to Israel. Now they are still fighting at this moment.

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