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My family doesn't want me?!?

Well long story..

My mom has been addicted to smoking for a while now, she doesn't care about me. Like once my abusive sister choked me so hard that I had to go to the hospital, she refused to take me, my brother who is 10 years old is the only one who really cares for me, he told my wonderful neighbour to take me and she did I am so grateful(: I'm not trying to seek attention this is a true story! My dad passed away from cancer 2 years ago, I miss him dearly. Anyways, my sister just won't stop beating me up and hitting me, and my mom, well she yells at me, she points out everyone one of my flaws, I mean it hurts.. A lot. I just don't show it. I'm thinking of moving out and living with my friend and her family, who are really kind people that offered me to say with them, I'm pretty sure I am, I've packed some of my stuff. I don't want to like kill myself because well, I'm young and killing yourself is not worth it, I don't get bullied at all, I have friends and everything but its just my family doesn't care about me. Thank you for reading this! Sorry if it was too long, I'd appreciate it if you have me some advice! Thank you! xo

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    Umm yeah the poster below if full of it. Good advice but hit someone in the face with a bat?! That is attempted murder brotha!. Attempted Manslaughter at the least not counseling! You are serving time for that and it doesn't matter what family says the state will press charges. Anyways Stop provoking your sister. Don't antagonize her or even socialize with her. Avoid her at all cost. Walk away if she starts her crap. You don't need to be right in the arguement be right with your actions. Show her how to be the better person. If your mom lets you move then go. Your mom loves you she probably is being neglectful cuz she is suffering. When people take things out on you it is not right but all you can change is YOU! How you react,how you respond,how you feel. Go to therapy and focus on school and possibly working or something. People project their negative feelings on others. It is not your fault but you do need to handle your emotions about it. Just try to voice yourself alone with you mom. When she is in a decent mood. Explain what is going on and how you feel hurt. If you can't win fr loosing then just stay away from them as much as you can. I am sorry you are going through this.

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    You should always do what you feel is best for yourself. Suicide is never a solution to any problem. I have always been sensitive to people pointing out my flaws. Find support from your friends. Find a good time to bring a friend with you and meet with your family to discuss your concerns.

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    My sister used to do the same thing ... until I took a baseball bat to her face. The police were called and I had to go to counseling but she never did that again. Maybe you should talk to a counselor at school so you don't snap like I did?

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