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Ascendant compatibility?

I am a Libra sun, Cancer moon, Taurus ascendant, he is a Capricorn sun, Leo moon, Aquarius ascendant.

Here are our birth charts:

Thanks (:

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    Here, use this website to form a composite chart (both of your birth charts combined).

    Then type in the birth details and click next and then next again.

    Then, when the chart shows up, at the bottom of the webpage, under the heading of general options, check the option 'aspect and positions of the planets (table)' and then click the button 'redraw'.

    This will give you a table with all of the aspects of compatibility for example, 'sun conjunct moon' or 'ascendant trine ascendant' etc.

    You can then look up these different phrases for example, by typing in, 'ascendant conjunct ascendant synastry'. This will give you descriptions of different aspects of your relationships and how compatible you are in different areas. usually has good, in-depth descriptions of relationship aspects or otherwise is a good website.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): [Sorry about the long-winded answer, I just thought that this would be more helpful as you would be able to independently research your relationship aspects in more depth].
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