'The following images will be rendered at less that 220 dpi at the requested print size'?

I'm trying to print out a picture for my friend's birthday that I drew in Photoshop Elements 9 ( this photo http://oi44.tinypic.com/2001li.jpg to be exact ) but whenever I go to print, it says 'The following images will be rendered at less that 220 dpi at the requested print size'. How can I fix this? When it prints, it changes it to bad quality..

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    549×810 pixels? That isn't a large image. As you've seen, a low resolution image like this one will produce a blocky, pixelated print. At the recommended 300 pixels per inch, it would barely fit on something the size of an ID card.

    The image looks fine onscreen, and I don't see a problem with just sharing the file with her. If you do want to print it, you may need to scale up and compensate for similar blockiness (as Mujer Alta suggests) or redraw the image at a larger size. Scaling up, the portals might look fine (since you blurred them anyway), but you will need to clean up the linework on all the characters.

    A 6×8 inch print at 300 ppi would be 1800×2400. Yes, that is larger than most screens, but that is why we use Zoom. Many of the really nice artworks you might see online are usually drawn much larger than that, and scaled down to a printable size. If your original drawing is that size, just recolor it. If it was scanned, you might want to see if your scanner is capable of higher resolution (many can do 300ppi, some can do 600ppi or more).

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  • 7 years ago

    What's the brand and model of your printer? What's the original size and resolution of the drawing? What size are you trying to print? How are you resizing it: using Image>Resize>Image Size or the resize option in Element's print dialog? Are you printing from Elements or from Photo Gallery?

    1. We need this information to answer your question but, for now, open the image in Elements and resize using Image>Resize>Image Size.

    2. In the dialog that opens, UNcheck Resample Image if it's check-marked and type 300 in Resolution.

    3. Now, RE-check Resample, make sure Constrain Proportions is check-marked and change the Width or the Height in the Document Size section of the dialog. You can't change both the width and the height because doing this will pull and push the file and distort it. The new width and height have to have the same ratio as the original width and height.

    4. Now, it gets a tad dicey. You've got to pick a way to Resample (from the dropdown). If the print is bigger than the original drawing, choose Bicubic Smoother. If the print is smaller than the original drawing, choose Bicubic Sharper. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.

    5. Save the resized image giving it a new/different name than the original (because you might need to adjust the original again). Print the file.

    (Sorry, I typed this out in numbered paragraphs but the New Answers keeps showing it as one big glob of words:-(

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