Give me a short explanation on how to graph?

how to graph r(t)= cost i + t j + sint k

(i,j,k) are vectors

I know that we have to put it in the form x^2+y^2= something

but im not sure how to proceed from here, you dont have to give me the answer but please give me a guide

Also should i do graphs on graph paper for university?

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  • Mary
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    8 years ago
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    r(t)= cost i + t j + sint k

    First combine i and k terms

    r(t)_ik = √(cos^2(t) + sin^2(t))

    = 1

    The combine the result with j term

    r(t) = √(1^2 + t^2)

    = √(t^2 + 1)

    Graph r against t (hyperbola)

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