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Why dont atheists realize that Science only overlaps with Gods word so it can fool and sway them from God?


1. Science is an invention of Satan

2. Science is highly likely to convert you to atheism.

3. Science stands up well and it is difficult to refute using God's word.


1. Satan made Science to cover up God's work.

2. That's how Satan makes more of God's followers join him

3. That's how Satan keeps his own followers away from God.

Just because Science seems good, it doesn't mean that it is!

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    Yet you are using a computer powered by electricity over the internet, all scientific invention. So by your logic you are willing doing Satan's work

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    I'm envious of all these people who seem to understand what you are saying.

    This is such a bizarre post that I can't understand what point you are trying to make. What do you mean by "science overlaps with God's word?" I think you might be trying to say something else. Maybe you have the wrong verb? I'll keep posted and maybe you'll ask this in another form so I can understand it. And the whole thing. I wish I knew what YOU believed. Then I might be able to figure out what point you are trying to make. Maybe you could use some help in thinking, logic, exposition and writing.

    Well, I can respond to that last sentence. Science is excellent! It has brought us better lives as far a health and well being are concerned. Maybe you didn't realize that science discovers and provides descriptions of how God's stuff works?

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    There are two kinds of Atheist: Satanists incognito whose goal is to fool man into leaving God's side, and 2. the fooled.

    Atheists of the #1 kind are the ones using science for this goal. However, the scientific method is just a tool. What the #1 Atheists are doing with it, is first setting up Science as a neutral authority and then making claims in the name of science that are actually not scientific, but which will cause people to doubt their previously held beliefs about reality.

    The #2 Atheist may eventually realize they've been fooled, but not before destroying their lives and harming the lives of others with promiscuous sex and drugs, or perhaps even suicide. Give them time.

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    I feel quite the opposite. Satan corrupts and has corrupted minds. Science discovers and discovers "laws" and there is a verse in the Bible that speaks of the Laws of the Universe that God made.

    If anything, Science will prove what that the Bible is correct. Although, Scientist that are Atheist will never divulge the information. Thankfully, there are Scientist that do believe in God and understand that Scientific Laws have been created by God and that allows them to discover truths about the Universe. It give them a set path for the path has been set.

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    Atheism has nothing what so ever to do with a GOD. Atheists don't believe a GOD exists, science has nothing to do with it. Where does anything say that science is an invention of Satan?

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    Science is the logical explanation of the natural world. Religion is the illogical explanation of the supernatural. There is plenty of evidence for the natural world, there is none at all for the supernatural. As an atheist I do not believe in any of your gods, not the one you call "God" or the one you call "Satan" or any of the thousands of other gods.

    Science is neither good nor bad. It is how it is used that makes it beneficial or otherwise.

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    Three 'Facts'?

    It's hard to know where to begin .

    Let's try number 3. If your god is all powerful there must surely be a means of defeating Satan and all his works, do these works include vaccinations, the internet,medicine, ?

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    So you like famines, inquistions, death from disease now curable, no central heating/cooling, no computers, phones, tv, radio, recordings,

    Why are you even on the internet since it is a product of science? You see science as a product of Satan so anything coming out of science is Satanic by your reasoning.

    Do you miss the neolithic period of humanity? Or just the Dark Ages?

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    Science (the study of things) was given to man, so that man may discover the Laws of God that govern the material universe. If we knew better we would do better. Wisdom is divine if you have the right mindset. Be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. Not all science is used for destruction. It depends on the freewill of humans. What will they chose. It seems your way of thinking is based on duality. I suggest a book "Master keys to Spiritual Freedom" by Kim Michaels. Its contains a lot of answers to many questions.

    Source(s): He who is in me.
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    You are an embarrassment to other believers. You show what non-believers say is true, that all believers are a bunch of anti-science ignorant bumpkins. NONE of what you say is true. NONE!!!

    Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilei, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, and William Thomson Kelvin to name a few were all Christians!

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    1. You're an idiot

    2. None of what you listed is fact

    3. You provided no evidence


    1. You were indoctrinated as a child

    2. You have a serious superiority complex

    3. You obviously don't understand the importance of evidence

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