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Can I steam brussel sprouts in the microwave?

Would that be healthy and how do I do it?


Where does the steam come from when you microwave it in a bag? And isn't it dangerous to microwave plastic bags?

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    I would advise you if you want to use the microwave to steam the brussel sprouts to put the brussel sprouts in a glass container, with a little liquid and cover the glass container with a moist paper towel. When the microwave heats up the veggie and liquid, it will create steam and the steam will cook those brussel sprouts. Don't use plastic bags sometimes the heat will melt the plastic and the chemical used in making those plastic bags are not good for your health. Use a good high resistant glass containers instead *

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    Heck yes! As a matter of fact, steaming in the microwave is my go-to method of cooking fresh vegetables. Just make sure that you prepare the brussel sprouts by removing the hard core at the bottom, and any discolored or dead leaves.

    Then get a plastic bag, the one from that they came in from the market will do just fine. Put the prepared sprouts in the bag.

    Put the bag in the microwave, making sure to tuck the opening of the bag under the vegetables. Microwave for three minutes and you should have perfect vegetables.

    You can then put them in a bowl and season them however you want.

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    Can I steam brussel sprouts in the microwave?

    Would that be healthy and how do I do it?

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    First, you'd be "steaming Brussels sprouts in the microwave" any time you simply put them in a container, cover at least lightly, then microwave for a few minutes. There's so much water in Brussels sprouts --and in all veggies/meats/etc-- that the water will turn to steam when heated by the microwaves, and the steam will be held in by the covering, which will "steam" the veggies.

    I do that constantly and for any kind of veggie you can imagine. And I never add water--it's just not necessary, plus some of the vitamins can leach into any water used.

    As for those bags of veggies, those are special kinds of plastic that are supposed to be safer than some other plastics for heating (though who really knows?), but personally I don't like to use plastic when cooking foods.

    The bags are just for convenience (pre-cut veggies, in their own container) but the cost for those is really high for what you're getting. Sometimes there are also sauces in the bag--again another convenience for those who want a sauce but don't want to make it themselves.

    Re "healthiness" of the veggies not counting any issues from plastics, frozen veggies usually retain most of their vitamins (though their texture will suffer, especially for some veggies--ewwww), so the healthiness of frozen veggies is not an issue generally.

    Here are some recipes and instructions for microwaving Brussels sprouts in particular:

    Check out my answers here too:


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    Trim the outsides, cut off the tough bottoms, and cut in half (if they are large). Rinse and place in boiling water just to cover. Put a lid on the pan. Drain and add butter. Continue to cook until it gets almost burnt - stirring. Add pepper and a hint of salt.

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    a) You add a little water to the bag.

    b) The bags are only ok if you use medium high, not high.

    c) It is better to use a proper MW safe container


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