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How much longer will ADR be with the WWE?

He "was" an ok heel, but his presence right now seems a little insignificant. I don't think the WWE really needs him, but whatever.

The same with Sheamus, I entirely forgot about Sheamus. Sheamus is only good as a heel, Sheamus as a face doesn't do anything at all.


@"Jim Crockett Promotions Fan": I love Sheamus as a heel and I think a MMA gimmick for Del Rio would suit him better since he is in fact a MMA fighter.

Update 2:

The ADR gimmick is a little gay and friendly joking Sheamus is retarded.

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    As long as he keeps making money for The WWE. The same is true for Sheamus. Maybe you don't like them, but other people do and some of those people buy Alberto Del Rio Merchandise and Sheamus Merchandise at Live WWE Events. You can buy merchhandise for whichever Wrestlers you like.

    I know all about Alberto Del Rio being a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. I also know about Alberto Del Rio being a 3rd Generation Wrestler, a Greco Roman Wrestler who medaled at The Pan American Games and I prefer for him to show his Wrestling Skills. If I want to see Mixed Martial Arts then I can watch The Ultimate Fighting Championships, Bellator Mixed Martial Arts, The World Series of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, K-1 and lots of smaller MMA Promotions up and down The Eastern Seaboard.

    Sheamus is way too popular sells too much Merchandise to be a Heel.

  • Sheamus is bad as a face?!..WTH..Sheamus is EFFIN hilarious!..anybody who doesn't like the Irish Ginger as face has no sense of humor!

    Even if ADR is a MMA fighter..why would they want to give him a MMA gimmick..when he is fine in the position he is in!..he doesn't need to be MMA fighter to be over..and if they do this it will just be because Cain Velasquez is champion in UFC..

    I personally think this question is hating..these two are the last who need a change..if anyone is stale and in need of a new's Zack Ryder..nobody cares about the whole woo woo crap anymore..and Jersey Shore is over with. I also think Big E Langston can be repackage to his FIVE gimmick he used in NXT

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    They are turning sheamus heel when he returms after RR

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