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If NHL expansion occurs in the future, what two cities do you think will receive teams?

I would like the believe that it would be a Western City and an Eastern city.

My original though, and the hype involving expansion, would be that Seattle and Quebec city would be awarded teams.

But with two less teams in the Western conference, could this mean that two cities in the West will gets teams? Like Seattle and Portland. Or Portland and Vegas or Salt Lake City?

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    There are a couple of problems with expansion in the near future. With too many teams having financial difficulties expansion is a definite no-no. Why would someone spend an inflated amount for a second rate team when a bankrupt team is much cheaper.

    Also NBC has an agreement with the NHL that the number of American teams will not go below 23. So the only two viable expansion locations (Toronto and Quebec) are out of the question.

    So here is what I see happening. Seattle has a new empty arena and no tenant. Someone proposes an expansion team to Seattle. This coupled with the new Markham arena creates two new Franchises both in the West. Condition for the Toronto franchise is that they play in the Central Division. This frees up the movement of Florida to Quebec Tampa to the Metro and Columbus to the Atlantic. (Names should change but as Shakespeare once said about Roses "what is in a name?" )

    Saskatoon or Regina (even combined) is out of the question. No arena, no population and no corporate interest. Potash is not very glamorous.

  • 7 years ago

    Las Vegas, Seattle, Saskatoon and not Quebec.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Quebec, Hands down has to be one of them. Although they would prefer to have a team that is already in the league relocate to Quebec, from what I have read.

    The second would have to be Seattle, they are drumming up quite the attention, and of course there is the whole Microsoft thing ;-)

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    Quebec City and Seattle are the best choices, however if Toronto would let it happen a second GTA team would be supported.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    quebec TRIED, and FAILED to support a team so don't think count chocula will put another team there and watch the NHL have to take it over, like the desert dawgs.

  • 7 years ago

    Seattle and idk saskatoon

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