What do you think of my poem? C/C... "Stop, Fast Forward, Play"?

Stop,Fast Forward, Play

i'm moving forward but the past

is something to appreciate

now i understand you must know

your past to look to the future

but those who dwell in the past

are sumed up by one word...


Stop, Fast Forward, Play

Its a new dawn its a new day

but the life stays the same

"What a Wonderful world" ain't

that a god damn paradox to claim

but my speech is tamed because

what i speak is real but

i guess moments of truth are not

measured in mass appeal

but let me console you

on what i have written

my words come from the heart

guess i'm blindly spittin'

about my love for my memories

and hope for the future

so take the time to realize

your present and don't fall

into a trance of...

Stop, Fast Forward, Play

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Awesome poem :) you should enter it for a competition or something. good luck with your poetry

    Source(s): Poetry lover
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