Follow up with company after Reference Request?


I had a interview with a company two weeks ago in which i felt went really well. I had sent a follow up thank you letter and she informed me that earlier this week she would complete the interviews (she was on vacation last week).

while on her vacation last week she did call me and ask me for a list of references in which i provided right away, to this time i have not heard anything from my references that she has call and i am starting to wonder if i should follow up.

I am not sure what to say as i do not want to sound pushy but more less want to know how the interview process went and when a decision will be made.

Can someone please assist on providing me with a way i can approach this?


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  • Jim S
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    7 years ago
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    You're too pushy. Wait a couple more weeks. People coming back from vacation generally need a few days to regroup, and they almost always have something that requires more attention than hiring.

    "Hiring" isn't most people's business. "Business" is most people's business.

  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like you may get the job. Reference is kind of important; however, some companies may need references for all candidates regardless. In the case, you may not get the job.

    It is very common that hiring manager, Hr often go on vacation after interviewing. I don't suggest you follow up in this case. If they want you, they will call you.

    Don't follow up unless you have another job offer already. Meaning, you should have at least 1 job offer before you should follow up the others. Following up basically means finding out rejection sooner.

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