Paramedic Certification. HELP PLEASE!?

My name is Brad and I am originally from Ontario, Canada but I currently live in the U.S.A.. I will soon be attending post secondary schooling enrolled in a paramedic program, following I will become a state licensed paramedic. I am wondering how international certification works because I will most likely move back to Ontario after my program is finished and will want to work as a paramedic in Ontario. I phoned Toronto EMS and they explained to me that the education/certification is different and would not be valid right away. So if I become a paramedic in the USA and move back to Ontario how do I become certified in Toronto, so i am able to work as a paramedic?

Is there a written test I must complete, how does the process work?

Please i have called many people and services in Ontario and no one seems to know. PLEASE someone help. Im sure i wouldn't be the only paramedic working in Ontario with an American education.


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    7 years ago
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    The training up here is indeed very different than in the US. If your goal is to work in Ontario, do your training in Ontario. That is the easiest way. I know of a few American EMT-P who were able to transfer their training into a Canadian ACP license, but it took a long time (1-2 years) and multiple hoops to jump through.

    Also be aware that the job market is very competitive in Ontario, so there isn't a huge push to hire people who aren't coming out of Ontario paramedic programs.

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