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opinions on these boy name combos?

-Conrad Flint

-Wyatt Dean

-Alaric Ward or Alaric Kane?

-Montgomery Daniel-nn:Monty.

-Jack Austin-nn:Jacky.

-Johnny Austin or Johnny dean?-nn:Jacky.

-Ramon Ace or Ramon Kane?

-Wyatt Dean

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    - Although I don't care for all of your combinations, for the most part you've taken great care in cadence which I admire. The current trend is towards short first names. My comments follow -

    - Conrad Flint - I dig Flint, but men first-named Conrad get nicknamed Connie which I hate on men - So flip it to Flint Conrad -

    - Wyatt Dean - It's a good name as is -

    - Alaric Ward or Alaric Kane - I really can't stand Alaric as a first. I don't like the name Kane as Cain was the first recorded murder victim. Ward Alaric will do -

    - Montgomery Daniel - This is longish. How about Monte Rex? Or Ross Daniel? -

    - Jack Austin - Well, there's nothing wrong with it; but there are kazillions of kids named Jack. How about Jake Austin? Or Hugh Austin? -

    - Johnny Austin or Johnny Dean - Too many N's. Just not doable. How about Drake Austin or Dean Josiah? -

    - Ramon Ace or Ramon Kane - I much prefer Raymond to Ramon, but either way I prefer it as a middle. How about Grant Raymond? -

    - Wyatt Dean is a repeat - nice name, though! -

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    I love Jack, Conrad, Daniel, Wyatt Dean & Ace

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    I like Alaric Montgomery (;

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