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I don't understand the Academy Awards (Oscars)?

I don't really understand why the Oscars is the way it is? Why does the academy mostly only invite an array of celebrities who have starred in recent and nominated movies and a bunch of unimportant "behind the scenes" people like constume designers and special effects people? I know that obviously they are the most important guests because they are nominated.. But why, why, WHY don't they invite ALL film actors to the academy awards? Here's a list of celebrities I did not see at the 2013 oscars and I had hoped to see: Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Tobey McGuire, Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Rose Byrne, Diane Kruger, Kirsten Dunst, Julianne Moore, Jake Gylenhaal?? I mean all of those people are fine actors and actresses? Why are they not attending? And even some younger celebrities such as Logan Lerman, Blake Lively, Chloe Grace Moretz etc. who may not be in blockbuster films but I think they should be there because it should be a celebration of FILM not just popular film. Like it pisses me off because I don't get it?! I mean obviously don't invite singers like Taylor Swift or people who don't have actual Talent like Kim Kardashian, but WHY not all people in film? Can someone please explain? Is it possible that we just don't see all these people on screen and that they are there? I'd like to think that they would show stars like brad and Angelina on screen if they were there... But like what the hell is going on? Hahaha please answer this for me! Best answer gets 10 points!

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    My guess is they don't have the time to show every stars that are able and allow to attend the Oscar. Also I would think they only allow or what big name stars and people in the movie business that has done a great body of work, and are past oscar winners and nominaties. Well we know they would probably not want or let stars or people in the movie business like Michael Dudikoff, Cynthia Rothrock, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Kristy Swanson, Mike Norris, Tom Holland, Yuji Okumoto, Dennis Dugan, DMX, Anthony Anderson, Michael Emerson, Jerry Trainor and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa at the award show. Because they are not big like Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, George Clonney, Ben Affleck, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Spielberg, David Arnold, Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, John William, James Horner, Julianne Moore and Sandra Bullock to name some.

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    The theater in Hollywood that the Academy is contractually obligated to hold the Oscar ceremony at has very limited seating. As it is, parking is a nightmare. Each invitee is limited to how many guest passes he/she gets, escort, date, spouse, children, etc., and after all tickets are allocated, there is a very small amount of seating left over.

    When that happens, the Academy goes by seniority over who gets the first refusal of available tickets.

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