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I want to become a computer programmer?

I am currently at grade 12 right now, and i was wondering how i could get in. Im planning on applying to the Department Of Computer Science at the University Of Calgary. Classes that i am taking right now and next semester, are math 30-1, social studies 30-1, Chem 30, Arts 20, Physics 30, English 30-1, Math 31, Design Studies 20. I was wondering what mark average should i be aiming for to get in, Also what programs and degrees do i need to become a computer programmer.

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    So you want to program so you should learn all the computer languages not just one type.

    Learn it all so you have an understanding of all programming languages:

    Web Programming

    Mobile App programming

    Java Programming



    etc... etc... etc...

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    I would suggest you to take a crash course like Informatic Data warehousing which is a kind of evergreen software vertical & has huge demand compared to other programming languages. Well, Informatica technology is used mainly for Business Intelligence & analytics ans the demand for its gonna be huge in future aswell, as the amount of data for any verical is growing rapidly day-by day. well its pretty interesting aswell.. I believe its a best thing for you. You can anyway do some online research abt informatica & get some idea aswell.


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