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What do you think about my fantasy basketball team?

Tony Parker

James harden

Andre igoudala

Dirk nowitzki

Jonas valanciunas

Kobe Bryant

Zach Randolph

Jimmy butler

Victor oladipo

Demar derozan

Jj redick

Kelly olynick

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    It's very good, although I don't expect much from Victor Oladipo. His value on the court doesn't translate well to fantasy. I'd probably consider dropping Derozan too. And I've never heard of Kelly Olynick.

    If you need help drafting for fantasy basketball. The best way to win a championship is by choosing to punt one or two stats. The most common example is punting TOs and FT%. Teams that do this will usually go after guys like Dwight Howard and Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo. But personally, I think punting FT% and TOs is the worst combination because it's too common, and requires you to get big-name players. If you want to win, you need to find a niche that emphasizes stats that most people wouldn't care about, and only obscure players are good at. Personally I will make that decision depending on who falls to me with my first pick. But one of the best choices is to punt FG%, points or assists. Since those are stats that no one else in your league will be willing to punt. I wouldn't worry about punting rebounds because rebounds are tied to opportunity, and over the course of a season, opportunities arise all the time due to injury or player development or trades, making it the easiest stat to pick up off waivers. For more help with punting and finding the overall value of your players for your league, check out this site:


    Membership is free and with their stat database, you can pretty much dominate any league with ease.

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