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Why do a lot of people seem to say Mother Teresa was a crappy human being?

I've heard this from a lot of people, including some that I generally trust.

I never could get any reasons, though.

Could someone enlighten me?

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    To provide a single, illustrative instance.

    Her nuns were given out innoculations to children, re-using the same needles over and over again with only a quick rinse in cold tapwater. A unicef group that was working in the same area but preparing to move out brought over boxes of disposible needles on the assumption that they would be welcome--they weren't. They were told that Mother T believed that the suffering of the children would make Jesus love us, and so DELIBERATELY chose a course of action that was not only sadistic, but was positively homocidal in a country where blood-borne diseases are rampant.

    Like I said, this is a single incident--but it is far, far from unique.

    Edit: Yep, I'm sure that the Lancet and the British Medical Journal, two of the oldest and most respected medical journals in history, were acting out of pure jealousy when they seperatedly publicished details about the deplorable conditions in Mother T's Houses of Death. Just total jealousy by doctors who secret wished that they could torture the sick and desperate instead of, you know, treating them 'n' stuff....

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    She believed that suffering brought the Indian poor closer to Jesus so she didn't really do anything to help the people she was responsible for or ease their plight. In fact, all of the donations her mission got just went to a bank account never to be used to better the human condition.

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    There are just allot of Anti-Catholics in the world. The people that speak poorly of her are Anti-Catholics they make up false information about her like I seen in posted once that she had over a million dollars but of course if that idiot had known that when you enter into a Religious Order you make a vow of poverty before God and His Church in which you are not premitted to retain any wealth.

    She was a very loving and caring person that devoted her life to helping the poor and she lived amongst them in which she refused things which she considered as luxuries when they were offered to make her comfortable like she had turned down living in room because it had hot water plumbing.

    She actually recieved a Nobel Peace Prize for her humanity towards others. She is currently Beatified by the Catholic Church as Bl. Teresa of Calcutta.

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    When it came to medical hygiene in regards to disease and the spread of it, she was either deliberately or honestly a fool.

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    Because these people kissed up the likes of the late Christopher Hitchens, who wrote books attacking Mother Teresa.

    I agree with Artemis' answer. They (the late Hitchens included)are all jealous of the fact they could never be the loving & compassionate person that she was, so they all knock her down.

  • I don't know if it is true or not, but many people accuse her of glorifying poor people's suffering rather than helping them.

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    Because rather than spending donated money on treatments and food that could help the sick and impoverished,she sent the funds to the Church.

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    Maybe because she kinda looks like baba yaga?

    (my understanding of this controversy is limited, but you know my opinion about "projecting views on others") I can get snarly about it too. People who know **** all about it "know" everything. I would lay all my money on it that none of the people who said this actually talked to her.

    I have a lot of money.

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    She thought that suffering brought people closer to Jesus.

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