Why isn't Gavroche the symbol of Les Miserables ?

I really don't get it cuz Cosette does not do much or doesn't have much of a character (sorry Cosette fans) She is scared as a child due to her being abused witch is understandable and does not seem to be sad or cry for her mother Fantine being dead. Then she grows up and falls in love and gets married i'm sorry its just i really did want to like Cosette its kinda hard since she doesn't have much of a character with Gavroche he does have more of a character he is brave and fighting for what he stands for and sacrifices himself so why not have him be the symbol of Les Miserables instead of Cosette ? like i sad she doesn't have much of a character and the rest of them do and i feel like that Gavroche had a big part in the story.

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    Assuming we are sticking to the musical and not the novel or the several movie adaptations, the story is really set in motion when Valjean decides he will indeed take care of the young girl named Cosette, in her way, she is the catylyst of the entire story. Yes Gavroche is in the story more than YOUNG Cosette, but think of his char as compared to Cosette in terms of her life (i.e.: both Young and Grown Cosette) and she is far more central to the plot.

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  • 7 years ago

    I agree with Cogito - sometimes in real life you find little heroes. Did you actually read the book? That's why I hate musicals - they usually end up wrecking a perfectly good story.

    There's no direct English translation for "Miserables." the closest our language can come to the concept would be "Underdog." Hugo was using the character of Cosette to set up a conflict between Valjean and Marius. A jealous father carrying his young rival through the Paris sewers? There's all kinds of drama available there.

    Read the novel - Gavroche was a hero (and there's lots of them in the novel), but he didn't play a huge part in the original story. Cosette did.

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  • 7 years ago

    The story, is all about Jean Valjeans road to redemption and Calvary, (as the song goes) .....and raising Cosette, and doing everything in his power to save HER, is pretty much the Whole crux of the story.

    In fact while it takes up a good portion of the end of the story and the film.........Gavorche really only has a few scenes, and the fight only lasts a day or so. He's not really a pivotal character, and really isn't all that important to the story. If you took his character out completely.......does it change the story one bit? He isn't all that critical.

    If you took Cosette out of the story.......well, the Whole thing kinda falls apart, doesn't it? he can't redeem himself with Fantine, by taking care of her kid......he would never go to live at the convent, he wouldn't give a fig about Marius, and Marius would have died at the barricade-....and there would have been no tragic heartbreak and end for Eponine.

    The end.

    Cosette, is pivotal to every part of the plot and character.

    She's the focus of Thenardier's obsession and lust for Revenge........

    Eponine's jealousy and misery, Jean Valjeans salvation.........even Javert tracks Valjean thru Cosette.

    Gavorche? what did he do? Attempt to get some spare bullets and get shot for his troubles? If you edited his Whole character out of the story, it really changes nothing........except maybe exposing Javert as the spy he was..........but anyone could have done that. Marius might have recognized him as the chief of police .

    Sorry......but no comparison. The focus of the Whole story, is actually Cosette.

    In fact, BOTH sequels........are BOTH called "Cosette".

    "Cosette" by Laura Kaplakian

    and "Cosette-Or the Time of Illusions" by Francois Ceresa.

    Who else would anyone write a sequel about?

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  • 4 years ago

    Les Miserable Gavroche

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  • Cogito
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    7 years ago

    I understand your point - but if you'd read the book you'd know that much of the story is about Cosette's journey through childhood to finding happiness with Marius at the end - and I suppose the image of a small, cute, scared little girl is more poignant than a feisty little kid like Gavroche when it comes to designing a poster with a view to pulling in the crowds.

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