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Why do people think twins are the same person?

Seriously. My parents and everyone else treats me and my sister like we like the same stuff, dislike things, same style, etc. /: to start it off...we are NOT identical twins..we're fraternal but mostly people think we're identical since we look alike but I'm slightly taller than her, and weigh a bit more,but she's born first then me.

So yeah..everyone assumes I'm the older twin. We have almost the same appearances of course, but I like different things than my sis. Shes more into the pop culture and I'm more into punk, metal classic old rock, etc. and people try to change me for my likings.

Some kid came up to me in the bus and said "oh wait you have a twin right? But you're the emo one." and I got so pissed at the kid cuz I'm not even emo nor do I look or dress as 'one'. I only wear band shirts and jeans do maybe that's why they called an emo.

Why do some parent even want to dress their twins the same? Everytime we go shopping my parents always pick out some outfit that looks like what a ten year old would wear and get the same outfit even tho they know I HATE dressing the same and it's not even my style. :( one time last year in class we have the same teacher and everyone had assign seats and we regularly change them every month or two and the teacher put me in the same group as my sister /: not even ONCE did I sat next to a kid other than her. Everyone thinks "they're twins so they NEED to be together etc." agh. It's not fair! I have some twin friends both girls and they also hate being twins. Sometimes they'll tell other kids they're just sisters and not twins cuz it is annoying when someone looks at you and say you're twins, or when you get confused and say the wrong name :( so both us and our twin friends don't like dressing alike.

Why are twins like treat as the same? We're clearly individuals. And everytime it makes me depressed/mad cuz everyone says I'm the fat one or mean stuff about me and complements on my sister since I'm not 'normal' btw were 14

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  • H bomb
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    8 years ago
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    What I enjoy the most is when people find out twins are NOT the same person and act like its some amazing event for two different people to be individuals, not part of a matching set.

    My older sisters are identical twins and yes, some people assume they are one and the same when it comes to personalities and opinions, particularly because they are very close to each other. I love it when they roll their eyes at people who comment "oh, wow you are actually nothing like your sister!" and "you guys are so different!" I can almost hear their inside voices saying "well, no f%cking kidding Sherlock".

    Last year one of my sisters got a dramatic haircut and people almost lost their collective s*it because "now you don't look like you sister!". You would think they had signed a life contract accepting to bear each other's exact likeness for life. Their brothers get haircuts all the time and no one expects us to match, its just them because they are "the twins".

    Funny for me, annoying to them. At least their immediate family does not act that way around them. We know for a fact they are perfectly different persons and never get them confused.

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    Tbh, I have no idea. In all the shows and movies that portray twins, both of them have completely opposite personalities. You would think that the media would have somewhat of an effect on everyone's mindset.

    The guy that called you "emo" is ignorant so you can just ignore him. He's a tool and you shouldn't pay him much mind.

    Talk to your mum about this and try to declare some independence.

    Does your sister feel the same way? Maybe you two can figure out some plan.

  • Maria
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    8 years ago

    It's not just twins. My sister is 2 years younger and by the time I was 10 we were the same size and look quite alike. To this day, many years later, my mother will buy me something my sister would like and vice versa. We literally exchange her Christmas gifts with each other. We have another sister 18 years younger, but an adult as well now, and my mother mixes our names together in a jumble. We are all called Heathadejess. And that's our MOTHER! Other people are worse.

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    I'm a twin too thought there is an OBVIOUS difference between my sister and I. She's a dwarf but people pretty much think we like the same things. Lots of people don't even know we're sisters let alone twins. I think just make it obvious to people you're different. Lots of people know that I'm mean though (which I am intentionally) so try and make your personality more obvious so it forces people away from assuming.

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  • Ayyyyy
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    8 years ago

    Because some people are stupid and ignorant. I am a twin and we have totally different personalities.

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