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from 2002 until he retired, did you ever notice that shawn michaels was,...?

,...more of a main event jabroni than anything else? think about all the times he always lost at pay-per-view events. look at how many times he fought triple h NUMEROUS times back in 2002-2003, yet he never won the title from him even once, and that's when triple h had the title. look at how he lost against hulk hogan at summerslam 2005, which was the main event.

it's like, he was always in these main event type matches, yet whenever he won, there was no title for him to win so the win didn't do much for him, yet, whenever he fought for the title, he never won. he never won the big matches when they counted.

it reminds me of whenever sheamus DID defeat big show back in 2012 when big show had the title, it didn't count because either the win was due to a technicality, or it was a non-title match.


and I just remembered something. it was stupid of big show to whine and make excuses that del rio beat him for the title in a last person standing match, saying that del rio never pinned him. both del rio and big show KNEW the match stipulations before the match occured, so there was no excuse. triple h didn't pin ric flair at survivor series 2005 but he still beat him because it was a last person standing match and they both knew the match stipulations before the match occurred, so there was no excuse.

Update 2:

"The Rassling Critic",

thanks for that informative reply, but I'm going to have to disagree with you about him being mr. wrestlermania. i watched youtuber pspower's youtube video titled "Shawn Michaels is NOT Mr. Wrestlemania DISCONNECTED WITH THE FANS 5 Talkin' the Talk" where he said how neither shawn or undertaker was mr. wrestlemania, and that it was instead hulk hogan.

Update 3:


ok, so i missed one, but i remember he fought triple h COUNTLESS times back then and never won when it actually counted. so maybe he won that match and that title that one time back then, but i don't remember it. triple h must've won the title back just a few weeks later.

Update 4:

"Edgecution (Rated R)",

as for his career from 2002 until he retired, you must admit that no matter how times matches he won, they didn't do much for him since he won almost when it never really counted. i read there that he won the elimination chamber 2002 and won the title, but that was probably the only time he did that back then. i don't remember it so his title must've been for maybe only 2 or 3 weeks.

also, i don't know about you, but i wanted him to beat hogan as summerslam 2005.

Update 5:

"Angry Wrestling Nerd",

your reply to me was offensive and wrong. if one of us is idotic, it's you, not me.

i never said i wanted him to be a long-term champion, but it would've been better if someone else other than that idiot triple h would've been champion all that time instead of him burying other wrestlers all the time. shawn wasn't a part-time wrestler back then, he was a full-time wrestler.

as for when you mentioned how it's be bad if a part-time wrestler was champion, i totally agree with you. do you remember how awful it was when the rock was wwe champion not too long ago earlier this year? he was a part-time wrestler, he didn't appear at house shows, and the only matches he was in was against cm punk at pay-per-views, and the rock didn't earn his way to getting the championship, he didn't have to beat anyone else for it. he practically had the title handed to him.

Update 6:

"Anger fills my empty heart",

i remember how there was some comments about him losing his hair.

Update 7:


really? i didn't know that that happened. that must've been one of the worst, most bizarre ways for shawn to lose a match. how can a wrestler SUCCESSFULLY execute their finishing move on another wrestler during a match and LOSE the match? that's illogical. that doesn't make sense. i saw that ending you were talking about and it was indeed illogical.

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    It's wierd cause I was thinking this the other day and remembered a match between Cena vs Michaels vs Orton vs Edge for the WWE title, Cena won but in a screw kind of way. This is what happened, Edge hit his Spear on Orton then Cena hit his AA on Edge but when Michaels hit the sweet chin music on Cena, Cena actully fell on top of Edge causing Cena to pin Edge. Michaels was not quick enough to stop the count.

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    well considering that he BURNT all the bridges in WWE in the past....Shawn Michaels had to become a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN and had to repent for all of his sins in the past. Out of this many good things happened. HBK began to put over everybody and made them better workers after the feuds. HBK basically put over Cena, Orton, Cody, Ted Jr. all by himself by losing. And how can anybody forget WM 20, WM21, vs Flair, vs Undertaker? That is a good 5 years where HBK did what was good for business.....and went out as a true legend as Mr. Wrestlemania.

    HBK put the business ahead of the win/loss record and even though he lost more matches at Wrestemania than he won he is still Mr. Wrestlemania, the show stopper, the cliche, the guy who gets over no matter what, etc.

    losing can be a good thing if done right.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Either the Elimination Chamber of 2002 when he won the World Heavyweight title

    His match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 21

    His match with Ric Flair at WrestleMania 24


    His match with UnderTaker at WrestleMania 25

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  • 7 years ago

    He came back part-time, you can't have a part-time WWE Champion, that would just be dumb, why in the hell would WWE have him be a champion when he was only working about half the days of a normal WWE superstar, why would WWE want a champion that will not be at house shows, are compete only about 6 months a year, it would just be stupid!

    I bet you are one of those idiotic fans that want Brock Lesnar as Champion, that would be the same kind of idea!

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  • 7 years ago

    yeah, i did notice that.

    but remember that Micheals was a big star in the 80s, too. He was trying to put triple H over because he was an upcoming star.

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  • 7 years ago

    Oh, yeah. He was going bald too.

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