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How do I check the amount of friends. you have on Facebook mobile app?

I have the most recent version of Facebook,

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    I don't know, as I don't install FB apk in my mobile; funny though, it can't also be found in FB mobile site.

    So I figure.....

    You can do that IF and ONLY IF you access FB full site from your mobile device; it will then look exactly like desktop with ALL the CAPABILITY of a desktop (except for the dragging things if you're in touch screen device).

    (try the following exactly, to see what your mobile can do; at least quasi smart phone can do it)

    ✒ Click this link (full site).

    ✒ As you use mobile, it will force you to go to the FB mobile site, the mobile default (m.facebook); don't worry, just either

    。click the ≡ on top left of your screen, scroll down, at second from the bottom you see "Desktop Site"; or

    。 click Menu of your browser, you'll see something like "View as desktop", "Request Desktop", depends on the browser you use, the keyword is "Desktop";

    ➤ then click it.

    (if necessary, click ↻ on the top address bar to refresh your screen)

    There you go, you get your view like what you see in desktop in your mobile, it's the FB Full Site.

    See the above URL, it's started with https://www.facebook.

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