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it's time for the total rating of your team for the 2013 season. On a rating of A-F how did u rate ->?

Your Team in the following categories? ->

Starting Pitching.

Batting lineup

Backup players

Relief & Closers


14 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Starting Pitching- A. Scherzer will win the Cy Young, Anibal Sanchez leads the AL in ERA and even though JV didn't have his typical season, he put up some pretty good numbers along with Fister. Exclude all of Porcello's starts against the Angels and he also had a good year. This is about as good as I could've expected.

    Batting Lineup- B+. If Peralta wasn't suspended and played the whole year at his current pace, I would've given them an A. Miguel put together a great, MVP caliber season. Prince turned things around after a slow start and V-Mart killed it from June-September. A-Jax and Torii both did a great job setting things up for the big guys. Iglesias and Infante both did their parts (both offensively and defensively) and are very underrated. Unfortunately, Avila didn't heat up until late in the year.

    Backup Players- C. Brayan Pena was about as good as a backup catcher could be. He did excellent filling in every now and then and even though he didn't have much power, he had plenty of clutch hits. Matt Tuiasosopo started well, but tailed off after the break. Ramon Santiago did what he does, which is pretty much give the middle infielders an occasional break. Don Kelly filled in everywhere (from 3B to all of the OF) and put together a decent season.

    Relief and Closers- C. After sorting out our early season closer issues and selecting Benoit, things were great. He didn't blow a save until September 23rd. There were plenty of ups and downs for the relievers. Smyly was the only consistent arm other than Benoit. Dotel was injured back in April and hasn't played since. Acquiring Jose Veras at the deadline was a move that payed off. Just about everyone else had struggles at some point (Alberquerque, Coke, Alvarez, Downs, Bonderman, Putkonen, Reed). Bruce Rondon had location problems early, but has been great since being recalled from Toledo.

    Manager- A. I know a lot of people who have had problems with Leyland, but I think he's done a good job this year.

  • D
    Lv 7
    8 years ago


    Starting Pitching: A Kershaw, Greinke and Ryu were lights out for much of the season, and while we struggled for awhile in the 4 and 5 slot, Nolasco really settled in for the second half of the season while Capuano and Volquez have been....serviceable. Considering the injuries that beset the starting pitching early on, they really nailed it in the second half of the season

    Batting Lineup: B- They've hit well (particularly AGonz and Hanley), but the Dodgers have scored runs in bunches this year, which has put pressure on the starters. The hitters will go 3-4 games with only scoring a couple runs a game, then explode for 30 or so runs over the next 3 games. They lack a true leadoff hitter (Crawford, Puig and Gordon all tried with some success), which has hampered their ability to make the most of their power. On the plus side, both AGonz and Hanley have rediscovered their stroke and Puig is Puig. Injuries have ravaged the hitters though and even now Kemp and Ethier will probably miss the playoffs. The Dodgers lineup would be frightening if it was ever healthy.

    Backups: A- They were called on to perform and they certainly have done that. Unfortunately, they've also been a bit exposed, because even though Punto and Schumaker are great off the bench, they're less than spectacular when forced to start for extended periods of time (hence why they're bench players). They've had to do just that this year, however.

    Relief & Closers: A- At the All Star break this would have been a D, but wow have the Dodgers relievers put their act together in the second half. Getting Brian Wilson has helped, but even without him, the bullpen has been the saviors of the Dodgers second half. And Jansen looks to be Mariano Rivera's heir apparent (cutter and all).

    Manager: B+ Mattingly still makes questionable moves, but he's got the support of the clubhouse and weathered the storm of the early season struggles. He's still young (for a manager) and learning the ropes, but he has the makings of a top-flight manager and I hope the Dodgers retain him for the long term. The Yankees may come calling for him soon with Girardi rumored to be on the move, but I hope he stays in LA.

  • Lefty
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    NY Mets: (74-88)

    Starting Pitching. B-

    Batting lineup C+

    Backup players - B+

    Relief & Closers - B

    Manager - A-

  • 8 years ago

    Blue Jays (can't you tell from my avatar)

    Starting pitching D - They took a year off and only the old guys contributed. Thirteen different pitchers started for the Jays this year and two of them had over 32 starts.

    Batting Lineup C - Twenty two position players during the season. The proposed starting lineup only made the field a handful of games due to prolonged injuries.

    Backup players B There were four bright lights emerge from this dismal season. Fan favourite Munenori Kawasaki made us all smile. Ryan Goins came from nowhere to claim second base, Moises Sierra and Mark DeRosa are capable backups and should be around next year.

    Relief & Closers B + With many of the starters not making it into the fifth inning the Bullpen was taxed but by the end a strong young pen with a good future has emerged. Eight relievers under 31 with ERA less than 3.5 is near the top.

    Manager B Gibby has done a competent job given the events that befell him. Maybe if he let some of his starters burn themselves out or work through their problems things might be different.

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  • 8 years ago

    Starting Pitching. A. By the end of the season, the Red Sox had Buchholz, Lester, Lackey and Peavey, a solid rotation

    Batting lineup A. Most runs scored in AL.

    Backup players A. Gomes, Nava, Bradley all excellent.

    Relief & Closers A. Their planned closer and setup man spent the season the 60 day DL, but Uehara, Tazawa, Breslow managed to do a great job.

    Manager A+, after the worst manager in recent history, John Farrell should be the AL manager of the year.

  • Spike
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    My team is the Cubs

    Starting Pitching: C Wood is good, Jackson is overpaid, Samardzja is not progressing as well as we hoped he would. The other guys are still too young to evaluate. Feldman was good and Garza was great until they were traded.

    Batting Lineup: F Rizzo, Castro, and Barney had god awful seasons. The only bright spot was at catcher.

    Backup players: D The lineup changed so many times it was hard to tell who the backup players were.

    Relief and Closers: B Gregg had an excellent year as closer. Russell and Parker pitched well in relief. Strop looks ready to become the next closer.

    Manager: D Sveum was fired yesterday. Players weren't developing well under his watch. But then again, he wasn't given much to work with from the beginning.

  • 8 years ago

    Starting pitching: D-

    Batting: B+

    Bench: B (Kawasaki!)

    Bullpen: B+

    Manager: D-

    The Blue Jays were just an absolute mess this year. However, the bats were good (Encarnacion, Bautista, Reyes, and Rasmus all had solid seasons excluding their respective injuries) and so was the bullpen until it was overworked. The starting rotation was an absolute joke however and Gibbons proved to be a moron still.

    Their final record is really not reflective of the skill on the team and that has to do with the ineptness of Gibbons and the injuries that hit in August. They need to let Josh Johnson walk and find a reliable starter who will at least give the bats a chance to win games. I'd say get rid of Dickey and Melky as well but their contracts make them untradeable. Having Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Redmond, and a decent free agent SP is really not a bad rotation, and the rotation is what really killed them this year.

  • 8 years ago


    Starting pitching A+ Arguably the best rotation in baseball. They dominated every team this year and threw 4 no hitters.

    Batting Linup A+ I was very surprised with the offense this year. They easily have the best offense in MLB.

    Backup players A+ They had unbelievable back up this year.

    Relief and closer A+ Best bullpen in the MLB by far.

    Manager A+ Ron gardenhire is a shoe in for manager of the year. Hopefully he will lead the twins to the World Series this postseason.

  • 8 years ago

    Even though it was season with more downs than ups, the Giants did have some fantastic moments:

    Angel Pagan's inside the park walk off home run

    Tim Lincecum's no - hitter against the Padres in San Diego

    Buster Posey & Pablo Sandaval with walk off home runs

    Hunter Pence ending the season with a walk off single

    blasted the Dodgers 19 - 3 in Los Angeles

    But injuries, lack of offense, questionable decisions cost them dearly this season.

    Also I believe that a short off season and a World Series hangover were contributing factors as well.

    starting pitching: C - = injury to Vogerlsong hurt

    batting lineup: D = massive slump during the months of June - August.

    backup players: B = came up big when called upon

    relief and closers: C - = Romo was solid, but had shaky moments, Casia's injury hurt big.

    manager: C = did the best he could with the team he had and the circumstances that were plaging the Giants this season.

    over all: C - = had strong start and finish, but the middle part of the season was very tough for us fans.

    Here's hoping for a rebound season in 2014.

    for one last time - defending champion Giants

  • ?
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Starting Pitching - C. The real culprit is the pitching coach, Mike Butcher. Ervin Santana has flourished in now that he's away from his guidance. C.J. Wilson has regressed since coming to the Angels.

    Batting lineup - C. I really like our young outfielders -- Shucks, Trout, Bourjos, and Calhoun. Of course, our two highest paid players suck donkey balls, though.

    Backup players - B.

    Relief & Closer - D

    Manager - D. I think Scioscia's days as the Angels Manager are numbered. He's still riding on the coattails of his past success.

    Source(s): Angels fan
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