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What is the modern meaning of bullying?

it seems like its more than just some guys with picking on a smaller dude with glasses demanding his lunch money these days

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    Psychologically, bullying is directly correlated with low self esteem. This has not changed over the years. What HAS changed is our society in general, parenting, technology and more.

    Many children do not get the love and support that they need. However, their personalities are different, both genetically and as a result of their particular environment. Therefore, their reaction to abuse, neglect, abandonment and other triggers will be different. Some will retreat into a shell. Others will act out, lashing out at others in an attempt to gain some control over their environment. In the end, though, bullies are miserable, unhappy people trying to bring others down to their level of unhappy. Sadly, no matter how much pain they inflict on others, it doesn't reduce their own pain. So, they keep doing it, again and again and they don't even know why. What they really need is love, but their behavior only gains them hate.

    Today, bullying has gotten loads of attention in the media and in schools. So it is logical to assume that the behavior has become magnified somewhat. We are more aware of it, more sensitive to it, and the media reports more of it. So naturally it would seem different, when in fact we are just shedding more light on it. Social media has given it a new avenue of attack, so technology has played an agent of change. Parents are too often both working, giving kids way more unsupervised time, many times leading to a sense of neglect and abandonment, where in the old days there usually was a parent at home offering structure and attention. The world is changing, but the psychology of inner anger stays the same.

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