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Are The White House Chefs “Essential”?

Dear leader must eat well! Two Chief Chefs, Executive Pastry Chef, is there a sommelier as well so we can round out the royal treatment? Sam Kass is also now engaged to MSDNC indoctrinator Alex Wagner, so of course, that makes him “essential”.

The government shutdown that starts today results in temporary pink slips to “nonessential” government workers, begging the obvious question: Are the White House chefs essential?

The Obamas are known to eat quite well, at least in public, where they can be seen frequenting trendy spots around Washington and landing in over-priced restaurants aimed at vacationers when they’re in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. At home in the White House, a team of chefs plans menus for the Obamas and prepares an endless series of tasty meals.

But the government shutdown presents the terrifying prospect that the Obamas may have to defrost a package of Lean Cuisine or open a can of meat ravioli.

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    From Politico: The Executive Residence staff of 90 would be cut down to 15. In 1995, those staff included one daytime chef and one for the evening, who left after serving dinner, the AP reported then. One butler and one usher were kept on duty during the day, as were one of each at night, plus two daytime housekeepers and one evening housekeeper.

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    No , the First Lady should get in there and start cooking the meals .

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    Doesn't Moochelle know how to cook??? can't we cater larger events and get rid of the kitchen staff???

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