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Who supports a bully trying to take away a kids lunch money?

Bullies don't have principals, they only want power. Bullies can borrow and spend on medicare debt and wars when they are in power then shutdown the government FOR THE SAME ISSUES THEY STOOD FOR then. So a bully goes looking for a fight when it is not it power and absorbs hate while doing so.

When the GOP picks on Obama, Obama knows he has the people behind them. So where one group thinks it has power because of its brawn, it can't overcome the power of the people.

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    Other bullies do. That is why you hear the same nonsense from the GOP and its supporters. Remember, it is the GOP who has taken hostages here. They have the government hostage, and trying to get in the good graces of the general public, they propose to fund one thing, like the NIH, which is like when a hostage taker releases one hostage. Still doesn't change that they have hostages and are committing an atrocity.

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    Wait a second, why is such a extreme Liberal propaganda mouthpiece and Obama supporter posting from Canada? Is the propaganda agency no longer able to hire in the USA?


    Another brilliant and insightful question from one who often asks completely unbiased questions like this (sarcasm):

    Are liberals driven towards goodness or driven away from conservative ideology?

    -I see there is the ultimate goal of world peace and empathetic attitudes. But sometimes I think we let ourselves be driven away from what we hate rather than pursuing the common ideal of democracy and public interests. So you see that there are no bad guys on the left, only people who’ve been driven to desperation by conservative evil.

    MC - What happened ACS. Your rants used to be more upbeat and even funny in a sick and deluded way. Not these depressing "I am everyone’s moral superior, so do what I say" lectures, justified with obvious lies than any middle-school child can see through.

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    Let's see! The republicans asked the democrats to sit down and talk about ways to stop this. The democrats said NO! You either do it our way or else!

    Now who is the bully in this case?

    Place hands on cheeks and push firmly until head pops out and then look around and see what is actually happening!

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    You are describing the Democrats. THEY are the ones saying buy this or else. They are the ones who want to take EVERYONE'S money and redistribute it "fairly"(which means they decide how much you need, and F*** you if you think you need more).

    Also, half the people are NOT behind Obama.(election was 51% to 48% remember?)

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    Isnt Obama being a bully as well? By your own logic, he takes certain people's lunch money to pay for other people's lunch.

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    Decent people don't support bullies, which is why decent people don't support Obama.

    Remember, the man is saying that if he isn't allowed to steal thousands of dollars a year out of the pockets of struggling American families he'll keep government shut down. What a truly evil man.

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    7 years ago

    I am not surprised by your simple minded analogy

    it doesn't even come close to describing the situation

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    7 years ago

    You don't have to mention any names, we know who you are referring to in the HOUSE.

  • 7 years ago

    You're describing the Democratic party, aren't you.....keep up the good work..

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