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Anyone here an experienced Information Technology person?

I am in high school and I am SO confused about my life. I would like to know what ITs do in general. I don't know if I can do IT for life. I took grade 12 computer science(programming) and got an 85. I am worried because when it came at the middle of the semester, it got really hard and confusing for me, plus my teacher was an easy marker. I'm thinking if I get confuse with the grade 12 stuff, how much more when I get to university? I'm thinking of doing Database Administration or Computer System administration as a job for future. I would like to know their everyday life. Is it a 9-5 job? I would like to hear from people who is or was an IT. If you guys specialize at other stuff like cloud computing, networking, etc. Please feel free to share your personal experiences. Also, please include if you like your job or not and how much do you make(if posssible)? I live at Toronto, Canada. THANK YOU!

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    Do you like computers? Do you like programming or everything else about them except programming? First step is deciding which you want to take, they're two different things.

    If you like the other stuff then Computer System Administration sounds more down your alley, if you think you do like programming then you want software development rather than administration.

    Hours kind of depends on what you're doing, programming yes, administration sometimes. If you're actually maintaining a network for a business then often the time when you can actually do things is when everyone is not working normal hours so it's not always 9-5. If you're a customer rep for like Shaw or Telus helping out these businesses then it'll be a 9-5 sort of thing. A lot of people start off this way if they get CCNA/CCNP certs.

    If programming got confusing you probably don't want to take programming lol. If you really like it then maybe, there are definitely jobs for both though if you get a CCNA/CCNP for administration you're basically guaranteed a job 50-60K here in BC if you go to BCIT.

    Do you like building computers? Do you often fix computers for friends etc? Do you know anything about computers because you like them? If you don't like computers I wouldn't bother honestly, some people think they can enter this industry because there is a demand and it pays good. You can't just decide to be a doctor for example lol.

    Hope this helps,


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    IT and IS (information systems) is such a brought subject - Normally guys would start with something like Desktop support - To get the feel of things. and make a choice from there and become more specialized.

    Its a fantastic business enabler and even more so in today's world - and will become more and more dependent as technology evolve.

    But first off all - you need to have the passion for it. Its long hours especially when doing New projects and stuff. But the results is always very rewarding.

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