Upgrade PC or buy a new one?

I like to play games on my PC, they don't all have to be max graphics (especially the newer ones coming in 2014-2015) but i prefer them to at least be medium. My current PC:

Made by Cyberpower Inc

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570k CPU @ 3.40Ghz 3.40 GHz

8 GB installed ram

64-bit operating system

AMD Raedon 7700 series

I am very happy with this at the moment, but i'm looking towards the future (5-7 months before i consider actually buying/upgrading)

Let me know if more info is needed. I should mention, i am not able to build a PC myself (yes i know its way cheaper, yes i know i can just look at tutorials but it is simply not an option at this time so please don't recommend that). My options are to either buy upgrades parts and hire someone to put them in for me (most likely Microcenter or a local PC store depending on fee) or buy a whole new computer in general (either pre-built more expensive gaming computer like this one i bought for 900) or buy the parts and again hire someone to put it together (basically microcenter, but they seem to charge a 200 dollar building fee)

What should i do? My budget would most likely be between 600-900 again.

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  • 7 years ago

    Look on youtube for tutorials on how to upgrade your pc/build one. Its really simple and not hard. The one thing I would advise is upgrading your video card and maybe powersupply if your current PS can't handle the card your looking for replacing it with. The I5 is good enough for right now and 8GB is good enough for your needs as games don't use much ram, hack I am running on 6GB and I am perfect.

    Learn to make your own/upgrade your computer. Its better once you know how things work and which parts are needed instead of relying on store and making them charge an expensive fee.

    with $900 you can build a beast of a PC if you can do it on your own. You gotta learn how to do stuff on your own because its a good thing to learn about them. Do some youtubing if you need help :).

  • 7 years ago

    Your computer is very fast and will be for the next years.... The only thing that would hold you back is your Video card... a HD 7770 is considered mid-range or middle of the road video card. You should upgrade to a 7850, 7950, 7970... This will keep you gaming for at least 2 years on max settings...Honestly you should get three years of max gaming!

  • 7 years ago

    this set up is good, probably last a year or so id just up-grade the graphics card, dont know what ur watts are tho, GPU is used 77% in games, never sacerfice GPU for CPU

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I would recommend you to get a I7 L3 cache cpu to egt away with new games or get a pretty tough graphics card so you wouldnt recuire better cpu becasue of graphic cards performance

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