Why do we get so emotional when we watch movies from our childhood?

I didn't cry at the Holocaust museum, but Babe still gets me bawling.

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    7 years ago
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    nostalgia tends to make people emotional-tears can be happy or sad

    it could take you back to a time when it was a happy moment in your life, or you were with a loved one who no longer is around

    I get emotional whenever I watch any kind of wedding in a movie or on TV, though I am pretty cyncial about marriage-1 LGBT are still not allowed to marry in every state (though they can in mine-yay MN!) and so many end in divorce.

    & maybe I'm revealing too much, but when I see the episode of Friends where Monica & Chandler get engaged I sob uncontrolably

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  • It's nostalgia, brings back a lot of good memories.

    I get that way when I watch Finding Nemo because it was a big part of my childhood.

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    7 years ago

    it's the nature of time - our lives go by and we can't go back and live in the past...... so we tend to get nostalgic and see the past as being more innocent and better than current times ......... but we will look back on today as better times even though it doesn't seem like it

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    i think it is because we like it that much

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