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Shadam asked in SportsBoxing · 7 years ago

stick and move will you answer my questions recent questions?

id really like it you opened up your email on this site so i could email you these things

bq since this wasnt a real question ill ask 1

who do you think is the best boxer in ufc history i think its

bq do you know who bas rutten is

bq jack dempsey vs fraizer


dont forget w sila ans a silva. bas was also very good and jds. marcus davis chris lytel and art jimmerson need to be in the conversation

Update 2:

ray meccer james toney butterbean

Update 3:

thats why i added a few questions for others to answer but ya i added you i got dempsey but im really biased as im irish american ill pick dempsey over ali

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    I know I'm not Stick & Move but I really want to answer that Dempsey-Frazier question, I've been wanting someone to ask heavyweight questions like that for a while. Oh well:

    Frazier wins.

    Now I know you won't like that answer, and I understand that. But the likely option is that Frazier would most likely win. Dempsey at his peak was about 190lbs, Frazier was 205lbs. Dempsey had tremendous technique, he was explosive and mostly he threw straight punches rather than hooks. His techniques benefited him in his day, and he had a good chin. But he always was the type that was explosive early on, Frazier was a bigger, stronger and tougher version of Rocky Marciano. He also threw more accurate punches than Marciano and hit harder, Frazier was a warrior. You just couldn't deny his heart, he kept on coming. He didn't tire out either, even in the final round he was still applying pressure and attacking. Dempsey and Tunney's style were ahead of their times, Dempsey had fast feet (nothing like ALI's), but good nonetheless. Yet he just wouldn't beat Frazier, not only did Frazier fight tougher and more skilled boxers, but he was more advanced in terms of skill. Frazier's time of boxing would actually not be very different from today's level of heavyweights, the fundamentals haven't changed much.

    Can't say the same for Dempsey.

    Dempsey just wouldn't be able to put Frazier down, or keep up with him. Frazier's big left was naturally powerful, and Frazier was known to have a deadly body attack. He'd rip apart Dempsey's body with combo's, Frazier was like this. He attacked the body early, applied pressure and ultimately wore you down. Dempsey, would ultimately be forced to fight on the inside but he wouldn't evade that left that Frazier would throw. Frazier would land cleaner shots, harder shots and work Dempsey's body, he'd bob and weave (Dempsey also bobbed and weaved), but Frazier would time his shots better. Ultimately, he's a more advanced version of Dempsey.

    The early rounds would go to Dempsey probably, but Frazier's constant pressure style would make Dempsey miss, and ultimately he'd work Dempsey's body and tag Dempsey hard in the late rounds, finally landing his big left and putting Dempsey down.

    Frazier KO13.

  • 7 years ago

    Yeah man I'll be back after the Wlad/Povetkin fight and I see the Anthony Joshua fight.

    I opened my email Shadam.

    Tough one. A lot of guys have good HANDS, but I'm a boxing snob, so just b/c you have good hands doesn't mean you have good boxing IMO.

    I'd say the top four IMO are Anderson, JDS, BJ Penn and Ross Pearson (great technique, underrated fighter). Eddie Alvarez is impressive with his hands/boxing, but his defense is complete sh*t so I can't give him too many props.

    BQ: Most definitely, Bas is the man. He was on the Joe Rogan podcast at least once, they were great. I thought he lost to Randleman when the won the UFC HW title, but he was a beast nonetheless and it's too bad injuries really ruined.

    Don't think Bas would be AS successful in today's MMA, though still very good. He would get wrecked by guys like JDS, Cain, Cormier, Bones, Glover Texiera even.

    BQ: I can't add anything to Big Jazz's answer. I agree with literally everything he said, word or word.

  • Alkhal
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    7 years ago

    Best boxers in UFC, got to go with Dominick Cruz and Jose Aldo.

    Though not as accomplished, Par Curran has sharp boxing

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