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Grade the trade: NFL Fantasy - Who is more valuable, Eric Decker, or Andre Johnson?

I'm primarily interested in getting Thomas because I'm a Saints fan, but I think he's a decent bye week or flex option. Decker is clearly valuable as a part of the best offense in football, but Andre Johnson is the best weapon for Houston and one of Schaub's favorite targets.


Eric Decker (WR)

Michael Floyd (WR)


Pierre Thomas (RB)

Andre Johnson (WR)

Thanks in advance. I'd love to hear your reasoning in addition to your grade if you have time.

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    This is a very tough one. With shaub not playing as well as he is, and arian foster proving he is a great weapon based on the 171 yards he had against the best defense in the nfl, the seahawks. I think foster will be getting most of the attention in houston causing johnsons workload to diminish. But on the flipside, decker is on a team with 2 other great WRs and 1 very big and very fast TE. That means decker will be inconsistent. I would go with johnson in terms of consistency, but decker will have bigger games than johnson.

    If u dont mind, please take a minute to answer my Q.

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  • RayRay
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    7 years ago

    I like what your getting more than what your giving,

    Floyd hasn't been much of a factor. and Thomas is a good depth rb that you know plays and will get some pts in a pinch.

    Andre Johnson is the #1 in Houston and Decker is # 3 in Denver. True that is still very good due to Manning but Johnson is the goto guy in Houston,

    Go for it

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    i think ur going to loose in this deal because sproles is taking over i rate them from best to worst decker johnson thomas floyd

    but try out this sight u might like it alot they are matching up to $200 for first depositors

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  • 7 years ago

    I think it is an even trade

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