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Why don't UNITEDSTATESIANS understand that Mexicans are INDIGENOUS to the AMERICAS?

How DARE you deport us from our own land and tell us we don't belong there?!!?

Mexicans possess much more indigenous Blood than any 1/10 cherokee wanabe mestizo Unitedstatesian.


@ Maxwell,

According to your own central intelligence agency, Mexico is 30% full native, 60% Mestizo, and 9% white.

So what were you saying?

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  • Thomas
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    How 'bout this:

    Anyone who is from a tribal nation or community can make a case that they should be allowed to live in that territory and they are "indigenous" or have a right to live in these areas. These lands are clearly defined. And all modern citizens of nations-states respect the borders of other nation-states.

    Mexicans were a product of colonialism and they are citizens of a nations that actually tried to dispossess tribal nations in the American "southwest." Ask all the tribes that live along the border how they feel about their territory and history and where Mexicans and Anglos fit into this issue. It might be different than your Chicano revisionist rhetoric.

    Indian blood doesn't mean anything. There is nothing inherently special or different about this "blood" than any other. My tri-racial nieces who are enrolled tribal members are not any "less" Native than me or those of higher Indian blood quantum. That philosophy is colonial and honestly...some Mexicans inherited this system directly from their Spanish colonial ancestors and they don't even understand this legacy.

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    So.. you seem to be having a hard time with this citizenship thing, huh??

    In case you missed it... Mexico sold Calif and Arizona, a few years back. Texas claimed itself for a while, then joined up.

    The Americas is a geographical term. The United States is a political entity (so is Mexico).

    To enter the political territory known as the US, must be done legally. No one counts your blood being indigenous, unless you are trying to enroll in a tribe. And the Cherokees are pretty tough on that, too.

    Go talk to the people who sold us the land. Not to be unkind, but it is NO LONGER Mexico.

  • A ridiculous premise. Mexicans are a product of colonization. Mexico as a country did NOT exist until colonization. Mexicans are NOT all indigenous, nor do all that have indigenous ancestry have any sort of connection to it.

    And of course there is that pesky little FACT that indigenous Mexicans NEVER lived in the lands occupied by the Tribal Nations in the US. NEVER. So they have NO claim to their lands.

    If you want to live on your Traditional indigenous lands.....go to Mexico, because that is where they are.

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  • Dagny
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    7 years ago

    We don't deport Mexicans, we deport those that are here illegally. If you are a citizen of another country, you must abide by the immigration policies. It's not the land you come here for, it's the economic resources, as evidenced by the overwhelming numbers of Mexican immigrants coming to this country in particular versus any other country in the Americas. Do you say the same about the countries to your south? Your "this land is ours" mentality is childish and rudimentary and only fuels hatred against you. It is in your best interest, socially, financially, and intellectually to deal with reality in a rational manner.

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    Maybe then all humans should go back to Africa and leave what the rest of the world to nature. You have a stupid argument. My family has been in North America for almost four hundred years. I was born in NYC. I'm a native. Where I live, we're all well armed. Our home is worth fighting for. Your family has not lived north of the border, if you are a Mexican ever until recently. You are a would be thief!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No one was forced to move to Mexico when the United States was founded.

    In the State of Texas we have millions of citizens who can trace their families back before the Texas revolution. The descendants of the Mexicans who lived here before the State was founded are still here.

  • 7 years ago

    Because they are all of Spanish descent too.

    They have native blood in there also...but there really aren't any true Mexican natives left....thanks to the Conquistadors.

    The bred out the Natives they didn't kill. It is a nation of mixed race people.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Simple, retard...

    There is this weird thing out there...It's called THE LAW.

    Get used to it and get your ugly *** back across the border into Mexico where you belong. If people came into the country LEGALLY, there wouldn't be an issue.

  • 7 years ago

    America is a big continent, they need to either stay in the part their ancestors were indigenous to or enter our country legally

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You need to blame Spain they took over long before the British got involved. Its not Americas fought.

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