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Good -or- Bad remodeling of my fantasy team?

So my draft was this past Friday but I had a bout of strep/fever and knocked out whilst the draft was starting. This left me subjected to the CPU automatically picking my team and as far as I'm concerned, it didn't do a good job doing so. I have some pretty good selections I'm happy about like...

Stephen Curry

Serge Ibaka

David West

Mike Conley

Goran Dragic

Tobias Harris - total x-factor

But the rest that rounds out my team I'm not too pleased with because of the fact some of them aren't too good while others won't have significant roles that they are accustomed too on their respective teams.

Kevin Garnett

Brandon Jennings

Omer Asik

Evan Turner

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Alex Len

Robin Lopez

I knew that in order to change this roster for the better I had to package players in trades because not even my better guys with the exception of Curry are good enough to get extra firepower in a straight up deal. So I traded Serge Ibaka, David West, and Brandon Jennings for Carmelo Anthony. Then I worked the waiver wire by dropping Turner and Len and adding Sessions and Hickson. I plan on keeping Hickson cause he was 13 PPG/11 RPG last season. Sessions was 14/6 but I can afford to use him in trade. I'm trying to get better PF/C than KG and Asik and may package them. I also may pick up Isaiah Thomas from wire to work as a trade piece too.

Right now my team is...









U. Sessions

U. R. Lopez

Bench: MKG



Hopefully, a good wing player is waived by someone so I can snag one up and I can make trades to upgrade my front-court some more. But I think my team is shaping out well from where it began.

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    i think you should have left the team alone, dropped Len for Hickson, not anything else.

    Ibaka will get you the defensive stats, supplement your points, get you some rebounds, and shoots at a high clip. a center that shoots free throws at 74% should not be overlooked.

    Jennings rains threes, and would get you just about as many rebounds as Melo.

    Sessions is a good guy to have on the bench, like in real life, because he can score the rock. he won't get you much else. he doesn't shoot 3s for instance. having him as a starter leaves you lacking. Suppose between him an Turner you made an okay choice, but KG on your bench with Hickson and Ibaka starting would have been better.

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