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Should I get Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro for my new computer?

The computer that I'm building:

32GB Ram

GTX 770 4GB

i7 4770K

840 Pro 256 SSD

2 TB 7200 rmp HHD

This computer is going to be used for 3d animations and visual effects, and sometimes gaming.

I've watched a couple of videos on the newly updated Windows 8.1 and they've fixed a lot of issues, so now I'm considering getting the Windows 8. Give me your thoughts on this!

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    I'm still a windows 7 user and have been reluctant to change to 8. I've read mixed feelings about 8: I think the GUI has estranged (at least initially) a number of Microsoft fans (Which I believe was done to make it easier to use on touch screen devices). Personally, as an avid PC user for many years, whenever there's been a new windows OS, I've liked it so I can make an easy transition to the next one, not feel completely lost, and not feel like I have to learn something completely new; unfortunately that doesn't seem to have been Microsoft's aim this time around. Though I like 7, I know in my heart that eventually I'll have to move on; as an operating system becomes older, it not only becomes obsolete, it also no longer receives support. Though I've used 8 only mildly, you can still access the desktop and even reinstall the start button (which I thought was a little dumb to get rid of in the first place {easy access to files,folders, and a design we've been using for over a decade and a half? psss..who needs that?}) I haven't read about any considerable performance improvement over 7 (ie better utilization of computer hardware) so your software should run the same between the two. If you go with 8.1, expect a little bit of an adjustment period. Your computer specs are pretty damn good and I wouldn't want you glossing it over with a **** streak of an OS that you abhor. In the end, I think you'll just have to try it and see if you like it or not (maybe go to staples or another computer retail store and tinker with 8 on one of their machines); if so, great, if not, you can always go back to 7 or wait till the next OS. In a technologically fast-moving world, we all have to keep moving.

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