How's my fantasy basketball team?

Li'l note: I didn't base my entire team upon last year's performances, I actually took into account their new environments and increased minutes. It would seem that not many do, especially after I looked at my competition's rosters. ESPN rankings are not everything, people.

PG - Damian Lillard

SG - Kobe Bryant

G - Reggie Jackson

SF - J.R. Smith

PF - DeMarcus Cousins

F - Derrick Favors

C - Dwight Howard

C - Carlos Boozer

Util - Danilo Gallinari

Util - Evan Turner

BN - Isaiah Thomas

BN - Emeka Okafor

BN - Kyle Korver

I landed 11th spot, so I'm pretty happy with what I've got. My main concern is that Kobe and J.R don't live up to expectations. Another is that I'm missing a Pure PG, but I think that everything else can make up for it.

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    7 years ago
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