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Countries where abortion is legal?

The father of my future baby is a cheap man who wont marry me. I live in a country where I'll get jailed if i keel the baby. Not heartless am in trouble.

I live in Iran. I'm actually breaking the law just by being on this site.

Please Help!!

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    I was going to give you a helpful well informed answer.

    However due to your recent answers on other peoples question i'm not going to bother.

    Telling a pregnant woman she is miscarrying because she has sickness and aches is just not right!

    what you wrote on this poor girls question is disgusting you spiteful evil person. no wonder the father of your probably imaginary baby wont marry you.;_ylt=Ao...

    if you want legitimate answers to your questions then show others the same respect that you expect.

  • 7 years ago

    Keel? Then why did you advice another user to seek abortion! Stat! Your actions determines your future. I suggest that you think hard and long before you make a decision so it WON'T KEEL (KILL) YOUR FUTURE).

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