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Colorado students blame Obama/Dems, is it because they now realize O'Care isn't 'Free'?

Or is it something else?

Yes this is obviously an unofficial poll but it is interesting


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@ riana..yeah good point.. forgot about that ;)

Update 2:

@ Hondo.. No this is an actual question.. Hard to believe I know. But that's why I asked " Or is it something else?"

Update 3:

Oh and I'm a citizen of the USA. I've only defected to Canada for the old version YA format.

Update 4:

@ Bek.. could be true, After the IRS criminal activity I put nothing past them.

Update 5:

Thanks RMP! Great info. I think it was Ohio where he got OVER 100% of the vote in several districts. I support far harsher punishment for election/voter fraud than what we have in this country!

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    I suspect some might be surprised by how the UC Campus responded to the Presidential candidates last fall. During several campaign appearances, Tagg Romney and the Republicans dramatically outdrew Obama's personal appearance on campus just hours earlier. The enthusiasm and sentiment in favor of Romney was encouraging. That one of the nation's supposedly most liberal colleges showed significant support for a conservative leader to replace the furthest left-leaning President in more than half a century (arguably EVER!), is somewhat understandable when nearly 50% of graduates after four years or more of higher education languish without employment. Many enrolled in graduate school, as a result, but that only delayed the next round of rejection at a higher rate for many, because they'd become potentially a more expensive hire.

    Those who showed up for Republican rallies for Romney showed awareness of the devastated workforce and lack of opportunities under Obama. Still, few recognized the gutted workforce topping 90 million jobs lost under Obama as of the Saturday before the election, Nov. 3rd. That data's available at Rocky Mountain Perspective for those who like to see actual support for claims liberals dismiss as incredible, while they spout dizzying misinformation that couldn't be more wrong. The ugly reality last November showed this Administration’s job losses at election time exceeding a half million more jobs lost on average each and every month of the Obama Presidency in comparison to Bush’s second term workforce numbers, and while the actual count from the Department of Labor's ETA figures might have surprised some, students were aware job prospects were dismal and employment elusive or unavailable.

    Perhaps the rally at Red Rocks on the Denver metro region's southwest side is worth mentioning, as well. I live nearby and worked the event, along with a rally at D'Evelyn High School a couple weeks earlier that also drew thousands. Photos from the events are available at the linked RMP page but don't include the next rally held in a massive hangar at the former Stapleton airbase. While the hangar had become a museum for a range of planes that were moved, it was nowhere big enough for the estimated 6,500 to 7,500 who showed up with, at most, three days’ notice. Only the Red Rocks event had more advance notice.

    The images linked here show a packed out Red Rocks amphitheater. It's supposed to hold about 10,500, but staff indicated more than 21,000 passes to the campaign event were issued. Once more than 11,000 were admitted, fire marshals closed off further entry, and traffic on I-470 snarled to a standstill, visible for miles for those who hadn't reached Red Rocks early enough. While that had to be tough on latecomers, the enthusiastic response from Coloradans who registered to attend Romney's largest rally to that point, October 23rd, touched Mitt and Paul Ryan both, deeply. Only one more Ohio appearance would top our Red Rocks rally in number about a week later, and if the 10,000 or so turned away from the impressive natural rock amphitheater were counted, Red Rocks would have maintained its place as the best attended event for Romney during his campaign.

    Amazingly, President Obama showed up twice on the UC campus and a couple of times that I'm aware of in separate Denver rallies, one of which was held at City Park. While Romney's appearances drew thousands, with the Red Rocks rally issuing tens of thousands of entry passes, the President's appearances drew hundreds. At City Park, some reports claimed as many as 1,200, while others suggested more in the 600-700 range.

    So what happened to Colorado? Try countering many tens of thousands of illegal votes cast by Mexican Nationals some believe to have topped 200,000 on the way to a quarter million, and you'd have an idea of why anyone other than hardcore leftist progressives in our State strongly favor strict voter ID laws. It was impossible to stand in line at most Denver voting precincts and not hear Spanish spoken extensively, while recognizing telltale signs of those who don't belong and aren't citizens. Similarly, the Richard T. Castro Human Services Building, Colorado's largest, is dominated by Spanish speaking newcomers, many of whom aren't citizens. The cost they've exacted on one of the country's most beautiful regions has devastated countless real citizens who've been increasingly disenfranchised since 2009 under Obama's pro-migrant policies.

    Do you think I'm surprised by the video showing college students recognizing Obama's manipulative role shutting down the government? Hardly! It fits with what we saw through election season last year in a State that went to Obama by 113,099 votes, with several key precincts and counties won by Obama having more than 130% of registered voters cast ballots soundly in favor of the incumbent.

    Source(s): Elections here have been perverted, but until there’s acknowledgment and a will to change, legitimate voters may not determine who’s elected. And integrity won’t be restored until conservatives retake leadership in the State. Colorado still leans conservative apart from nearly three-quarters-of-a-million Mexican Nationals our State and sanctuary city, Denver, cater to in extraordinary ways. And, of course, that just invites more, which is what misguided legislation seeking another amnesty will do at an accelerated pace. http://www.rockymountainperspective.com/romney-at-... http://www.rockymountainperspective.com/90-million... "In 2012, there were reports of likely voter fraud in key states… In St. Lucie County, Florida, for instance, some 247,713 ballots were cast, though only 175,554 people were registered to vote. And ten counties in Colorado had 104% to 140% voter turnout." http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory...
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    Not only is the insurance not free, its multiple times more than it was before the law was passed. Young people will pay much, much more.

    It has occurred to me that the Obamacare site isn't working because they don't want it to work until the issue of defunding or delaying O'Care is settled because many people who were able to "go shopping" for insurance say it is very expensive. Its hard to believe the government would actually pay multiple times the cost for setting up the exchange than was necessary to an outfit who was so very incompetent. My guess it will work fine as soon as the Republicans back off.

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    It looks like the Colorado college students are not falling for the rhetoric that is pumped out of his teleprompter. Its good to see and maybe there is hope after all. Let's throw the Libs out of office starting with the gop primaries then in the '14 elections once we have the right people running against the establishment then go on to defeat the progressives who are in power.

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    7 years ago

    Yes, some people are waking up.

    And didn't the Democratic congress de-fund America's treaty obligations to South Vietnam in the 1970s, leading to that regime/'s fall? Wasn't the treaty "settled law"? Why is no one mentioning this?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    LOL! Who, besides ranting lunatic republicans, ever said the ACA would be free?

    "Obamacare is stupid" - says the lady with very limited vocabulary....she should go back to high school if that is all she can come up with....

    BTW, what a staged event! Not a single person blaming the repubes when the majority of US citizens blame the repugnants?

    BTW, why do you repubes take the word of a bunch of stoners in Colorado?

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    And you wonder why the White House will not give a number as to how many people have signed up, only the number of "hits" LOL.

    If Obama had a lick of sense he would say you know what, it has become obvious we were NOT ready and I'll agree to the one year delay proposed by the Republicans and get the government BACK up and running.

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    7 years ago

    When they start to not listen to the lame stream media and listen to the truth, that truth has set them free. Cheers.

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    It's fun to watch them learn, isn't it?

    Sadly, the most valuable things you will learn in College, are gained through the process of elimination.

    Source(s): "Experience is a hard teacher. It tests you first, and instructs you later" - Lou Holtz
  • Apparently, they aren't retarded.

    > ONLY SELECTED executive agencies are "shut-down."

    > ONLY the "Executive" CAN DETERMINE which agencies get shut-down.

    That's WHY 30/30ths of Democrats here think Republicans did it.

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    7 years ago

    Well, without O'care, they can call a cigarette a fuse, light one up & detonate their silly selves!


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    People are finally seeing how Obama demonizes any who oppose him. These students got it right. Obama is at fault. His job is to negotiate and lead, but he does neither.

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